Best Gaming Headsets Under $50

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You’ll find it extremely difficult to start your research for high-quality gaming headphones. It will particularly need deep market analysis to find the one with all the significant aspects of gaming themes. The top 5 best gaming headsets are incredibly light on your pocket.


Razer Kraken Pro V2 Analog Gaming Headset

Reviewer Score: 4.5/5

Many tech-geeks have declared Razer the most reliable and top-notch hardware manufacturing brand. Razer is the only brand that has tempted all sorts of tech users, whether with the mouse or even with CPU chassis. It has launched Razer Kraken Pro V2 to entice gamers worldwide. The team has claimed Razer Kraken to be the lightest headphones having just 340g of weight with mic compatibility. The driver is around 50mm with 1.3 m of cable length and a frequency response of 20 kiloHertz. Razer has some significant features, including soft and large ear cushions that eliminate sound from surroundings.


ASUS Cerberus V2 Gaming Headset

Reviewer’s Score: 4.3/5

People who are into computer hardware know the importance of ASUS as a leading brand among several hardware developers worldwide. It has implemented some technical analysis and detected the essentials for building the best headset known as ASUS Cerberus V2. This gaming headphone has ideal sound quality and is designed to work perfectly for gamers with a 53mm drive. Extremely light in weight, this headphone supports dual microphones with a frequency response of 20 kiloHertz. This headphone by ASUS is compatible with all the smartphones and major consoles, including XBOX, PS4, and PC. ASUS Cerberus is highly recommended to gamers with the ideal proportion of comfort and sound. 


HyperX Cloud Stinger

Reviewer’s Score: 4/5

Hyper X is also a brand that knows what it’s best at! This fantastic brand has launched one of its best creations, Hyper X Cloud Stinger having directional drivers suitable for adjusting audio. It also has microphone accessibility with a weight as light as air. Hyper X Cloud has a frequency response of 20 kiloHertz, with noise cancellation features enabling the best multi-player gaming experience.


CORSAIR HS50 – Stereo Gaming Headphones

Reviewer’s Score: 4.5/5

CORSAIR has become an ultimate point, especially for gaming accessories, including mice, headsets, and others. Usually, people see CORSAIR as an affordable brand with a premium built and sleek design, just like the HS50. CORSAIR HS50 pays attention to the little details giving you the perfect balance of bass and treble, yielding ideal sound quality. It also has a 50mm driver, which is comparatively heavier in weight and has a frequency response of 20 kiloHertz. This headset is compatible with all consoles and smartphones making it user-friendly. CORSAIR had advanced head pain resistance features, making it ideal for every gamer.


Kotion Each g7000 Headset with Mic

Reviewer’s Score: 4/5

We all know Kotion’s ever-evolving and upgrading mechanisms within computer hardware and accessories. They have launched thor g7000 headsets supporting 50 mm driver complementing the frequency response of 20-20kHz. G7000 has a microphone option that allows you to interact with your teammates within the multi-player online battle arena. This headset is relatively heavier than others weighing 600g. The main feature of the g7000 involves the braided cord, just like the old times, about 2.2m long. If you have a careless surrounding, it is an excellent deal to give you a deep bass side-by-side resisting to water. Ideal for shooting games achieving the level of virtual sound effect that you are aiming for.

If you want to become a pro gamer and make a gaming career, then it is necessary to Build a gaming setup. Many internationally renowned gamers have a diverse and persistent setup.

People often have queries about the gaming setup’s additions and must-haves. Before calling yourself a gamer, you must be fully aware of the essentials of a gaming setup. Hoping this list can help you reach your goal at affordable prices.

Gaming headphones with an attached microphone also play a vital role in lifting your game. It gets pretty tricky to type in your instructions to your teammate during an intense situation of the match in multi-player online battle arena games like League of Legends, Dota, Demigods, Monday Night Combat, Realm of Titans, etc.