A List of 10 Easy Camping Meals

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When it comes to camping, you don’t always focus on the weight of your food until your luggage start balling out and you need to move it from one trail to another. Most camps include physical activities and in such situations moving you bags on your shoulder can take doubled energy.

Moreover, if you plan on hiking then a can of juice is going to feel like a 20 kg dumbbell. Also when you’re on a no waste drive during camping, you’ll have to take all the trash from previous meals along with you to every spot till you’re back home. Aside from that, you need appropriate food to stay nourished while being outdoors. Some food choices can result in health issues like food poisoning, dizziness, diarrhoea, etc which you can not afford far from home. Thus, it is important to take lightweight and tactical food that would not only save you the weight, keeps you fresh, and adds less to the trash.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing some simple and healthy food ideas to take with you on camping.


10 Items for Easy Camping Meals

According to Kara Hoerr, RDN from Madison, Wisconsin, during your hiking activities where you need a pump up and energetic body, your body requires much more nourishment and healthy food intake than usual. Since, when normally you’re carrying a 40-pound bag, you’ll burn only 300-400 calories, however, if you’re taking this 40-pound bag on a 10-mile trail then there’s a chance that you burn around 1200 calories. Thus, you should go for energy-enriched food choices that can fuel up your body while taking less space.

Most people just pack freeze-dried food in tins or packets, but they can be problematic for your health. These items are usually high on sodium, resulting in dehydration because of releasing excess sweat and increases blood pressure which isn’t preffered when you’re out in the wild. Instead, you can easily take a handful of ingredients and make quick and easy meals that are light and filling.

Some of these items are as follows:



Flatbreads Easy Camping Meals

When you’re on a move, you need something simple and filling to keep yourself nourished. In this case, a loaf of bread isn’t the best choice, as it can easily catch mold and is a hassle to store. Instead, you can pack a couple of packets of stacked flatbreads that won’t take up much space and can be used in a variety of ways. You can make quick pizza, wraps, tacos, and what not. Just smear any sauce or spread and roll it till you’re good to go for the entire afternoon or just sprinkle some cheese and heat to make budget quesadillas.


Boiled Rice Packets

Boiled Rice

Boiled rice is the most versatile and easy ingredient to work with, you can combine it with any other food item to get a power-packed meal. You can either use it in savory or with just a twist can turn it into a dessert as well. It is the core of many delicious cuisines from all around the world. All you have to do is either pack pre-cooked or store freshly boiled rice in pouches. Make fried rice, rice and bean salad, pilaf, burrito, tuna rice, and can make things sweet with rice pudding.




Another playful ingredient that can be used both as sweet and savory item in any time of the day is eggs. You can eat it millions of ways from poaching, fying, boiling, or scrambling. Although they can be a little tricky to store and kept without breaking, yet they can fill you up like no other food. You can either go for a simple omelette or add a little twist to it. Add any vegetable and you’ll get a hearty meal and you can give use it to make quick souffle or even pancakes.


Protein Booster Tuna or Chicken Packets

Tin Tuna

Proceeding with the individual packets theme, these are ideal since they’re not difficult to squeeze into those more modest spaces in a pack, and can be gotten into coat pockets so you have them convenient for bites when you want them most.

A model with various flavors is StarKist Fish Manifestations. The organization additionally offers them with salmon and chicken. Their lemon pepper bundle, for example, has 17 g of protein. Natalie Allen, RD, a clinical colleague teacher for biomedical sciences at Missouri State College in Springfield, says the recipe for how much day to day protein you really want is 0.8 g per kilograms of weight, she says. To get your kg, partition your weight in pounds by 2.2. According to by and large, Allen, ladies need 60 to 70 g of protein everyday and men need 70 to 80 g, however more significant levels of action might help that sum.




Who doesn’t like pasta? Whether it’s an elbow macaroni or fettuccine pasta, it is one of the most convenient ingredient that is loved by anyone and everyone. This is one of those ingredients that you can make in budget as well as in a gourmet style. You don’t even have to boil it before packing since it literally takes 5-10 minutes for it to cook. Meddle it with some Magarita sauce, pesto, or bechamel. Your choice of protein is always a plus but when it comes to delicious pasta recipes.


Tinned fruit

Tin Fruit

When you’re hiking you don’t really keep track of the meals you eat. Sometimes you skip your lunch or even breakfast. To get the nourishment that you’ve missed out, you can restore it with fruits. However, taking fresh fruit is always a bummer since it goes bad or overripe losing it nutrients as well as taste. In these circumstances, you should go for tinned fruits as they’re preserved to prevent from overriping. You can eat them as is or you can combine it in the form of salads or add some melted chocolates and sprinkle hazelnuts for a sweet treat. You can go for individual fruits or mixed fruits tin according to your taste.


Dried Oatmeal Packets


Oats gives complex starches to satisfactory and enduring energy before a day of climbing or investigating. They’re likewise lightweight, compactible, and simple to get ready at a camping area.

Top notch carbs are a still strong energy decision for movement, as per a January 2018 editorial in Nourishment Today, and in spite of the fact that protein and fat are as yet significant, the paper noticed that carbs are a fundamental macronutrient to keep energy up during extreme focus practice since they’re broken down quickly.




When you’re considering snacks or on the go food items then try packing cereals packed with nutrients to start your day or give you the energy booster at any time of the day. It has a durable shelf life while being rich in fibre which makes it an integral item for your camping list. It is rich in fibre that gives you energy in a slow and steady pace so that you feel fresh and filled throughout the day.




Chickpeas is an all-in-one ingredient that can be eaten just boiled or combined with different ingredients in so many ways. You must go for pre-cooked or tin choices for a loaded side and can even take toasted ones as a snack. Just pour the tin in a both and mix it with vingeratte for a refreshing salad.


Shelled Pumpkin or Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Seeds of any sort are a lightweight tidbit, and these two choices are especially lightweight, says Hoerr. Extra: Nuts and seeds add solid fat that keeps you full for longer. A three-forward cup part of sunflower seeds has 15 g of complete fat.

In addition, seeds, for example, sunflower seeds can assist with decreasing aggravation. A September 2017 survey noticed that sunflower seeds contain phenolic acids, flavonoids, and tocopherols, which have all been related with valuable impacts on irritation. In spite of the fact that irritation is an important normal cycle somewhat, a lot of it has been connected to various illnesses, as per a 2018 survey in Techniques for Sub-atomic Science, including joint pain, asthma, atherosclerosis, and immune system sicknesses. In the long haul, practice diminishes irritation, however makes a spike temporarily, as per past examination. So it makes sense that nibbling on restorative choices, for example, seeds might assist with moderating that impact, the previously mentioned study recommends.


Summing up

Now that you know all about camping food items, you need to make sure that it align with the hiking and trailing plans. Avoid taking dozen food items, keep it minimal yet fulfilling. Since camping means zero refrigeration, you should pack a small cook box or ice packs for certain food items. It is important not to store any food item that has a chance to go bad after a day as it won’t be of any use for you. Make a wise and healthy choice to keep your energetic so that you can enjoy your time.