7 Father’s Day Gifts to Treat Him Like a King

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and will be celebrated on 19th June, so if you haven’t started looking for the perfect gift for him then it’s high time you should. We know how difficult it is to find a fathers day gifts that your dad can find useful and won’t find too expensive. Before you panic, we’ve compiled 7 unique categories for you to pick out the best father’s day gift.

Parents are the two most important people in every person’s life. From the day someone’s born and every event or incident until then, they’re an integral part of our lives. When it comes to mothers, we acknowledge their efforts and struggles on most occasions. However, the hardship, miseries, and tonnes of hard work that fathers bear for their children are often filtered and we forget to give them their due credit.

Fathers are nature’s superheroes for us from prioritizing family to making sure that every child’s desires are fulfilled. But we usually forget that he’s also just a human with many desires. Father’s day is to recognize their efforts and express all your emotions to cherish all the lovely memories you guys have of living together.


Steps for Choosing Fathers Day Gifts

Before diving right into the gift categories, you must follow some essential steps to choose unique gifts for Father’s Day listed as follows:

Examine Budget

The first thing to consider is the budget. You should fix a budget before starting looking for any item and must keep in mind that you should focus on showing your affection rather than aimlessly spending money. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pricey, instead go for a unique piece.

Fixing a budget can keep you out of the price tag race and you can think from a creative angle.

Set Requirements

Next, you need to list down your father’s targets of interest. Think of their hobbies, shows he watches, sports he plays, his traveling goals, etc. Mold your gift ideas according to his likes and dislikes so that he can make a good use of his time with your gift.

Moreover, spend time with him to extract what he wants to have or something he wants to change so that you can use your gift for productivity.

Gift Could be Anything

If you’re looking for a gift then it doesn’t mean that your gift should be a physical item, instead it could be a service you have done for him to ease his life a little. It could be a spa day, massage coupon, dinner at a five star restaurant, and much more.

Happiness over Glory

Lastly, the most important point here is that your gift should be dedicated to his happiness, satisfaction, or easiness not about glory or to show it off to people. So, don’t just give him a pendant that he’s hardly going to wear, instead giving him a $100 coupon to Walmart can make him far more happy.


7 Fathers Day Gifts Idea Categories

Following are 7 best father’s day gifts that can help to stop your gift searching spree:


1. For Dads Who Love Sports

Most of our dads are addicted to sports whether it is baseball, football, soccer, or even cricket. So, giving them things related to sports can give them true happiness. Check out below:

Adidas Terrex Climacool Boat Parley Shoes

If your father is into water related sports like boating, kayaking, or canoeing, they must be complaining a lot about slippery surfaces. Help him level up his dockside charisma by updating his ordinary shoes with Adidas Terrex Boat Parley shoes. These shoes are from the Parley for the Ocean collection. You’ll experience a promising grip with extreme comfort so even if you’re continuously on your feet, you’ll be comfortable. The shoe also features built-in water drainage, rubber heel for strong grip, and overall cooling.

Why Try This?

Adidas Terrex is manufactured by keeping in mind the rise of water pollution, using recycled plastic that’s been dug out of the ocean beds.

Pickleball Set

An interesting sport set for dads interested in sports can be pickleball set. This kit is designed by merging all the key features of tennis, ping-pong and badminton. It can not only be a new hobby for your father but also a way for you to bond with him. This pickleball set is said to be highly demanded by most sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts in America. If your father loves to play physical games and loves taking it to a competitive level then it’s a way forward.

Why Try This?

Pickleball set is quite a new type of sport for fathers to make good use of their leisure time and find a new hobby.


2. For Dads Who Like to Keep Busy

We all know how busy our fathers are, with their tough schedules, consecutive meetings, deadlines, and whatnot. Here are some essentials that you can give to dads to comfort them when they’re busy:

Stainless Shirt by Ably Apparel Lanai

If your father has an on site job or he tends to be careless in terms of his clothing then try treating him with the ultimate stainless shirt by Ably Apparel. The brand has coated the linen cloth with filium before stitching that makes it repulsive towards water or stains. You can see videos of people throwing water at the shirt all over the internet testing the claim.

According to Ably Apparel, this treated fabric tends to repel water or any solid/liquid stain, while maintaining the touch and quality of the linen cloth. Now, your dad would enjoy meal time or tough on site duties without the fear of staining shirts.

Why Try This?

The Ably Apparel shirt is designed to repel stains and water, helping your father during strict working hours.

Multiple Purpose Everyday Oil

Whether you accept or deny, your father is aging and there won’t be long when he’ll be catching wrinkles and smile lines on the face. To make him realize that he should give some time to his skin, you can give him Everyday Oil. This oil can be used not only for your face but also for hair as well as body to de-stress every work or personal worries.

Why Try This?

Everyday oil can be used on the body, face, and even hair so your dad doesn’t have to buy different skin care products that may result in lost interest, instead he can buy only a single bottle that can be used in multiple ways.

3. For Craftsman Dads

There is always that phase for every dad when he thinks he can fix anything and turns out to be successful in doing so. Encourage your father on his handyman projects by giving him the following:

Car Vacuum

For all the messes you make in his car during carpools or long drives with friends, give him the ultimate car vacuum. This is the three in one tool that can help in organizing every out of place essential of the car and make it free from every dirt or debris. The vacuum works on 106 Watts with added strength of the motor and strong air turbine that suck out every minor particle. Moreover, the vacuum also has a long sucking tube of length around 16 feet that can get to the tiniest area of your car.

Why Try This

Car vacuum is ideal for dads who are fond of their car and keep complaining about the dirt stuck in it. With wide tube and 5 different nozzle settings, your dad can be satisfied.

Craftsman Drilling and Driving Kit

For your dad’s inner handyman, there couldn’t be anything more satisfactory thqn Craftsman Drilling and Driving kit. This kit contains 100 necessary tools needed by every cratsman to beginner to professional repair. With this drilling and driving kit, you won’t only be buying two in one tools for your vehicle as well as household repairs but also saving a lot of time and money to buy them separately. The box comes with 9 screw drivers, 22 drilling elements, 18 screws, and many other pieces.

Why Try This?

Craftsman Drilling and Driving kit is the one stop solution for all the essential tool that is not only budget friendly but also make your father happy.

4. For Tech-Lover Dads

With the uprising popularity of gadgets and smart devices, everyone wants to try out these gadgets. Following are some cool tech gifts, your father may love:

Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger Stand

Charging the smartphone is the biggest concern in our fathers’ lives, so much so that they’ll be hurriedly finding a charger even when their battery is at 64%. To ease his troubles, give him wireless charger and introduce him to wireless technology by helping him get out of the cord issues. Unlike most typical wireless charging, you don’t have to place your phone over it, instead it makes it stand on the charging pad so that you can even see the screen while it’s charging.

Why Try This?

Anker Powerwave Wireless Charger is the way to take your father into the era of futurism. Most parents complain about you not teaching them about new gadget, so this will be a step forward to resolve their complaint.

Apple Watch Series 7

People who know tech know what wonders can Apple do with their gadgets and devices. Similar is the case with Apple Watch Series 7 which can be a perfect gift for your tech savvy dads offering latest features like electrocardiogram for more futuristic assessment of your heart rate and blood-oxygen sensor to examine your hemoglobin levels through smart watch.

Why Try This?

Apple Watch Series 7 would be the best not only for tech-lovers but also fitness enthusiast dads as it can help in tracking better heart flow keeping them in their best shape.

5. For Gamer Dads

There are many fathers who believe that after a long and tiring day at work, only playing video games can de-stress them and can bring them relief. So for such dads, here are some gifts:

Xbox Elite Controller

Xbox is one of the most console and if you’re having one in your house then giving your father an exclusive and premium limited edition controller like Xbox Elite Controller can take him to the moon. It equips solid rubber grips with many customizable buttons having wireless gameplay. The controller is fully compatible with popular operating systems including Android, iPhone, and Windows 10 to enjoy elite gaming at every platform.

Why Try This?

Microsoft has stated that Elite Controller is not only backward compatible but also forward compatible too meaning that even if you switch to latest Xbox, you will be able to use this controller on the next-gen console.

Nintendo Switch Lite

If your dad has a busy schedule and even after much trying, he doesn’t get a chance to get time off for gaming or if the family TV is mostly occupied then gifting him Nintendo Switch Lite would be ideal for him. It would give them the same quality of gaming experience that they would in any other console. This can be a good escape for the dads having a personal and portable gaming console which he doesn’t have to share with children.

Why Try This?

With portable consoles like Nintendo Switch Lite, your father would be able to play even at short intervals like during his lunch break or during his commute. Unlike bigger consoles, it doesn’t take much time to start and you don’t even have to be seated in a correct position to play it.

6. For Foodie Dads

For the dads who love food more than any other materialistic stuff or hobbies, here are some gift ideas:

Seinfeld Coffee Collection by Bean box

Who doesn’t love a powerful daily dose of caffeine that motivates you to get out of bed and spend the rest of the day, especially when you have a tiring day ahead. If your father is also one of them and knows about Seinfeld series then here’s a chance to be his favourite kid by giving him this Seinfeld coffee collection. Bean Box has introduced this theme collection dedicating to all the fathers around the world.

The box contains has four flavourful 1.8 ounced packets that according to the collection is inspired by Seinfeld characters from Elaine, George, Kramers, and Jerry.

Why Try This?

Seinfeld Coffee collection can be an ultimate caffeine booster to treat your father for at least six months. Every pack has a unique flavor with even better execution incorporated with the series’ famous characters

Snack Box Subscription

Another one from the foodies gift baskets for Father’s Day would be the snack box subscription. There can’t be anyone in this whole world who doesn’t love snacks. It can change every mood and lift every emotion so you can’t simply go wrong with it. Gift your father a monthly subscription to a mystery snack box in which he’ll receive something new to try every month for a year. If your father binge watches movies or series then it would be the best combination for his late night haul.

Why Try This?

Snacking can be the best gift when you can’t decide on anything else which is not only loved by everyone but also adds a special place in your loved one’s heart that you care about their snacking habits.

7. For Fashionista Dads

If your dad loves to roam around in style and is very keen about choosing the best fit then following gifts are for them:

Express Striped Short Sleeve Cotton Polo Sweater

Summers are all about going retro and these Express Striped Polo sweaters scream retro. It gives out the aesthetics of the 70s with the classic league that will suit every dad’s style as there are minimal colors. It is manufactured from soft breathable material being extremely light in weight giving you a cozy feel in summers. Once you give it to him, he can later style it with any jeans or trousers or pair it with an inner plain shirt to give off a funky style.

Why Try This?

Express is the name that gives off style and classy vibes so if your father loves fashion then he’d be head over heels in love with your choice.

Polo Ralph Lauren Office Shirt

Who isn’t aware of the classic Ralph Lauren’s Polo collection? With its comfy and sleek outlook to the light and soft feel of its fabric, the shirt has all the potential to be your father’s favorite as soon as he lays eyes on it. This particular office shirt by Polo is the upgraded version of the 1990s collection available in basic office colors that can be a worthwhile gift.

Why Try This?

Branded shirts especially Ralph Lauren not only have a classy but also durable fabric, so this type of shirt even after being worn by your father for years would be fresh as new.


How to Celebrate Father’s Day on a Small Budget

If you’re just a teenager or someone without any source of income, then you shouldn’t frown as we have some easy solutions for you as well. Firstly, father’s day isn’t about how much you’ve spent on the gift but to acknowledge how much your father has given to you and in what ways are you paying back to him. Your father will be cherishing the moments you’ve spent with him instead of the pile of money you’ve got him.

Here’s what you can do to make your father feel special without spending big bucks:

Make him a card by yourself: You can either craft the card by hand or design one of your computers and write all the hidden emotions that you’ve never expressed before.

Arrange a Get-together: This holiday is a great chance to gather everyone so you can either plan a barbeque or invite your father’s friends for a dinner and dedicate the entire day to him.

Organize a Movie/Game Night: Gather your siblings and watch your father’s favorite movie or his favorite game with all of your family members.

Dedicate an Outdoor Day: Pick father’s day to take a day off your work and plan outdoor activities that your father has the most interest in such as biking, boating, fishing, etc.

Cook for Him: We all know the way to win man’s heart is through his stomach so cook an entire fancy meal for him and talk about all the happening memories you’ve shared together.


To conclude, we usually dedicate a single day to our parents or to someone we love and then go on about our lives forgetting them the rest of the year. It’s usually them who are calling us to know about us but even then we don’t have time to talk to them. We know that taking the time out of your schedule, choosing a gift, and organizing a party is a pretty big thing but this father’s day, we should pledge ourselves to do a little more than that.

Let’s take time out everyday, even if you got five minutes during your commute to talk to your father, to listen to their daily routine or just a random complaint about someone. Trust us, it’ll make their entire day and it will worth much more than any gift you can ever buy for them.