7 Fun Exercises for Kids Will Keep Them Entertained

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Why Fun Exercises for Kids is necessary nowadays. With the fast paced schedules and no time to spare for cooking, most people rely on junk food for their meals as well as their children’s. Although parents are trying to inject healthy habits into them by doing repetitions like eating vegetables, brushing teeth before sleep, drinking milk, and taking their well needed sleep, sometimes things aren’t as much controlled as it seems to be.

It can’t be denied that children should start following a healthy routine and adopt healthier habits. In this matter, the best guide for them is their parents. Most of the time, children learn with their environment by things they see, they hear, and what is happening around them. If you want your child to be healthy and energetic then you have to change the way of life for yourself first.

In this blog, we’ll be mentioning some fun-filled fitness routines to try out with your children.


What Do the Experts Say?

According to the study held by Center for Disease and Prevention back in 2012, suggested that around one-third children and adolescents in comparison to the entire world population is obese. This study dates back a decade and the intensity has quadrupled since then. You may be shocked to know but with this rate of obesity in childhood, till 2025 this ratio will project to be over 70 million.

Looking at the figures, the implementation of healthy habits becomes integral for children, from brushing twice a day to only 20 minutes of screen time and going to bed at 8pm, etc. With the habits, you’re also responsible for what your children are eating and if the things getting into their stomach are good for them or not.

It is recommended to involve your children in physical activities not only for their physical health but also for their mental stability. These physical activities can improve their blood circulation and balance the pressure so that they can work, think, and learn better. This healthy lifestyle reflects in their household chores as well as classroom productivity.


7 Fun Exercises for Kids

Now, the main question is how to get your children active and involved in physical activities? Well if you’re thinking of convincing your children to do yoga or pilates, that’s hardly going to happen. You should try to come up with fun and exciting ways to get them involved as there’s no rule that you must perform those boring exercises to stay fit.

Following are some fun and innovative fitness routines that you can do with your kids to get them up and running.

Go On A Bear Hunt

We know it’s difficult for you to hunt a bear in cities or urban premises but there’s a world famous summer camp song that children usually sing when sitting around the bonfire that says I’m hoping on a bear hunt. Although children used to sing it sitting on those tree stumps, this activity is somewhat inspired by that song.

The process is quite easy as you need to take a few pieces of paper and write different activities on it. Now, you can shuffle it and ask your child to pick one from the bunch. Whatever the activity they pick, they have to act accordingly, like swimming across the lake, dodging the arrows, stomping over bridges, climbing up the mountain, and more. It gets extremely entertaining and your children are definitely going to love it.

Make An Obstacle Course

Another activity is making an obstacle course and skipping hurdles. It is one of the easiest activities as you can just use your household items to overcome those hurdles. Try pillows, cushions, pots, bowls, simply whatever you find and place them on the floor at a distance. You must remember to keep it interesting and challenging so that your children can engage with it more.

Ask your children to get across the finish line and they’ll climb and crouch their way to the end. If you don’t want to make a mess inside, you can even take this game outdoors and use different toys to create hurdles.

Red Light, Green Light

Quite an old trick in the book, but since Squid Game made it famous again, red light green light is your way. Play this game with your children and let them try different roles. It helps in strengthening your children’s physical skills as well as make them learn about signals and directions.

If you think about it, this game is quite similar to yoga where you stand in one pose while being paused at a red light for at least 2-3 minutes. To make this game mode interactive, try using signals or flags in your hand to make them learn about different colors and their emphasis.

Different Types of Races

These intense, yet amusing positions are both enjoyable to endeavor and funny to watch. Have children race starting with one finish of the yard then onto the next, or time a couple to perceive what amount of time it requires for them to wheeled cart around the house multiple times.

What could be preferable over fun activities for youngsters that help both their bodies and your home? Pick a room or dole out the entire house and see which youngster can tidy up the most. This exercise is useful enough that you could utilize a “tidy up race” in your children’s rooms consistently.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

Another famous and quite an engaging activity to try especially on weekends can be scavenger hunt. You can use your house’s indoor space as well as outdoor space to make it more entertaining. Try adjusting some exercises along with some mental tasks and household chores to get to the hints.

To increase physical activities, you can add certain requirements to every clue like do four jumping jacks to proceed, act like a monkey to get the hint. You can add your creativity and elaborate it as much as you want to make the day fun for everyone.

Go For A Hike Or Nature Walk

Skip those long walks and try taking your children with you on hikes and trails. There are many trails and trekking ranges which offer scenic views and different areas to explore. Moreover, there are some man made trails as well. All you have to do is carry out some research about trails near you and get your gears packed to introduce your children to the world outside virtual grounds.

It doesn’t have to be on some cliff or rocky mountains, if you can’t find any nearby, just go to the nearest park and try exploring nature’s bounties around you and make your children observe them. Let them investigate and explore on their own. With prior research, you can even give your children some tips and pieces of knowledge along your way.

Sock skating

If you want to introduce your children to skating or they’re interested in it on their own, then it’s time to take it to your home by sock skating. Try a levelled, tiled space in your house and let them slide along the floor with their socks. You can even try a competition to see who slides the farthest or who spins the most.

Let them behave like professionals like if they’re in a frozen lake. Your work is to look for sharp corners and any sharp object on the ground which could reverse the fun.



Healthy lifestyle has become the base of living in this era. So, if you want to adopt healthy activities along with your family. You need to make it fun and interesting to convince everyone to do so. Try shaping your vegetables into characters, serve even the ordinary food in gourmet style, keep your children involved with yourself and bring healthy habits in your routine as well. These are some of the tips that can not only give you a healthy and energetic lifestyle but also a peaceful and stress free environment.