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What GetResponse has to offer

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Sustain Your Brand Reputation with GetResponse

Established as a e-newsletter marketing firm in Poland back in 1998, Get Response is aiming to make its roots strong, while reaching up to different domains to expand its services. Recently, the brand has switched its working dynamics and the paradigm they are working on has resulted in a one stop digital marketing and e-commerce solution, instead of being just another email marketing tool.

Although started with email marketing features, Get Response has expanded to offer drag-and-drop website builder, e-commerce feature, chat feature, automated sales funnels, and webinar hosting.


What Makes Get Response Stand Out?

Compared to several other email marketing platforms, Get Response stands out for offering a relatively large list of features even if you have subscribed to the basic plan.

This tool has all the essential features that you would need from an email marketing service, from offering templates to easing the use by intuitive interface, from autoresponder to list hostings, and more. But it also has features that can help you become a successful marketing and e-commerce platform.

Some of their features include:


The oldest and most used feature by Get Response is sending emails and e-newsletters automatically. These newsletter are particularly to send you existing clients after a period of time to stay connected with them or to retarget.

In most cases, the autoresponders are lined up in a way that whenever someone creates a new account to your website and adds email details during the registration process, the email is picked to add to your database and once the sign up process is finished, your client receives a welcome message.

Now, the chain doesn’t stop here, people automate the responders to send discounts and offers about products and services after a week of signing up, or three weeks as a reminder to follow you on social media, and more.

Autoresponder is one of the prominent aspects that makes Get Response what it actually is, so it’s only accessible in some of paid plans with a list of comprehensive features attached. The responder can be either set according to type to send a message or as a reaction for someone’s message or any other action like if someone signs up, opens a website, clicks a certain button, completes a particular goal, etc.

Marketing Automation Tools

While featuring the basic autoresponder options in many of its paid plans, Get Response also offers a more detailed and systematic method of automating your email responses using marketing automation.

This feature can be accessible in usual paid subscriptions from ‘Marketing Automation’ plans or higher. It enables the user to automate their workflow or schedule listing with the help of simple controls where you manage an automation chart instructing the app about the actions in response to certain actions.

Email Templates

When it comes to simplifying your email marketing strategy, Get Response has more than 166 templates in its inventory with a particularly variable use, purpose, and designs also. All of these templates are fairly easy to edit and can be customized.

The email templates are being categorized into the groups that are focused towards the basic objectives of marketing with a relatively higher standard like selling, promoting, educating, etc.

Landing Page Creator

With regards to lead age, Get Response offers something extremely valuable that a large number of its rivals don’t: a presentation page maker.

Utilizing greeting pages is generally a centerpiece of any internet publicizing effort on Facebook, Google Ads and so on.

This is on the grounds that internet based promotions generally create undeniably more leads if, instead of basically guiding individuals to a data pressed site, they direct clients toward appealing ‘crush pages’ containing clear data and a spotless, very much planned information catch structure.

Get Response Worldwide

When looking at their working dynamics and operational hierarchy, Get Response consists of an international platform with a tech savvy team of experts. Throughout the team, there are many experts handling their field of expertise to showcase their skills, creative aspects, innovative ideas, latest knowledge base, and experience that strengthen Get Response services.

This is the reason behind their success in emerging to the international market and conquering its top positions for around 15 years.

Nowadays, Get Response is assisting over 3 million customers spread around in 183 countries. You may find this stats even more pleasing when you get to know that it is solely a cloud-based marketing firm and available to easily be understood in more than 27 languages worldwide.


Why Should You Use Promo Codes?

There are many reasons why you must be using promo codes but it has particularly made our lives easier by offering discounts that assisted in more demand in services. Here’s the reason why you should be using Get Response promo codes:

Minimize Cart Abandonment

The first and primary is to reduce the risk of more abandoned carts. The theory behind cart abandonment is sometimes due to some distractions or busy schedules, people forget to check out from e-commerce websites, the promo code may help in reminding them that they have to complete their order by attracting them with free shipping. This way you can even turn any visitor into a customer.

Customer Reward

Whenever any brand is handing out discounts and other services, they become everyone’s favorite and create a healthy relationship with customers. You can send coupons and discount codes after they’ve spent a certain amount in your outlet or purchase a specific list or items. It’s to particularly reflect their value and how important they’re to you.

Storage Cleaning

To clear your overabundance and account for new stock, sending a promotion code for a blaze deal zeroed in on the things you need to see gone can do ponders. In the event that you as of now have a visual communication for the deal in your shop, you can transfer it to the simplified email proofreader to add it to your email with only a single tick.

Free Shipping Incentive

To offer or not to offer free delivery – an old style online business question. At this point it’s deep rooted that web-based customers are more disposed to finish orders when offered low (or none!) transporting expenses. Setting up an evergreen free delivery code in Shopify will permit you to effectively add it to a message, computerized or broadcast.

Seasonal Sales Management

At the point when you make a new promotion code in your Shopify store it’s in a split second imported to Get Response. This way you can design occasional missions well ahead and make your substance before occupied seasons. Being certain the right codes will be shipped off your clients brilliantly will permit you to zero in on dealing with running your shop without interruptions.


How To Use Get Response Promo Codes

There is a series of steps you have to perform when using Get Response promo code. We’ll be mentioning it briefly as follows:

Step 1:  Promo Code Generation

You can start by generating a promo code for your ecommerce store.

Step 2: Spread Promo Code

After that, go to the Get Response email creator for dragging the promo code box into your message for sending it forward.

Get Response allows you to integrate your ecommerce store to their variety of different plugins, where promo code list will automatically be imported and can be accessed using the drop down menu.

Step 3: Sync Code

Now, you can pick any promo code from the list in Get Response email editor and it’ll be automatically synced, all thanks to plugins.

Not only that but Coupon codes and discounts are synced automatically using Get Response plugins. With that you can easily create or manage all your promo codes that have been imported to your ecommerce shop or the ones you have manually create by:

Go to ecommerce tools on the Get Response dashboard

You’ll find promo codes section, fill your details and click apply to get your code.


Get Response Deals & Coupons

Get Response is known to make email marketing easy and efficient for its millions of customers using their services worldwide. From simple marketing tools to time efficient responders and analytics, it refines the way you manage your online presence.

Convert more traffic and generate more lead while making the most productive use of your time by promo codes to get the following tools:

  • Email creator allowing you control every operation using drag-and-drop actions to simplify the way you craft newsletters with a hint of professionalism
  • A wide collection of images within the library and gallery of design templates to get things via visuals cues.
  • Socializing with your audiences to get their first-hand responses through integration on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  • Build forms by filling out basic details making it irresistible to sign up to your services, using unique templates as well as thank yous and feedback.
  • Offering list boosters to automatically add names and their details to your database to mail clients using LinkedIn, Google, etc.
  • Analytical statistics using high-tech email intelligence for comparing different mails, automation, and more.


Get Response For Nonprofits

Get Response is also working in the field of non-profit organisations and charities to increase awareness regarding the marketing tools. They offer exclusive discounts up to 50% from every monthly plan to boost every genuine mission without affecting heavily on your pocket.