How to Get The Natural Makeup Look

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Nowadays, since people are turning more towards natural and original means within their daily routine. Almost every industry has started to design its product in such a way that it fits the organic and natural needs of the consumers. This trend has taken the makeup and beauty industry in its possession too. However, there’s simply no way beauty influencers and beauty gurus can go makeup less anywhere. They have made up a trend of applying soft natural makeup look in such a way that it doesn’t feel like makeup at all calling it No Makeup Look.

Most women have an existential beauty crisis where if they don’t wear makeup, they don’t feel complete, but it isn’t possible to go covered with makeup everywhere. That’s where the off-duty model look comes in handy.

In this blog, we’ll be suggesting some no makeup look hacks to shine out.

What’s Natural Makeup Look?

You must have seen most influencers in their live sessions, casually sharing their day and you must have felt how flawless their skin is. Not in most cases, but almost all beauty influencers are never makeup free during their live sessions, it’s just an illusion.

When we think about makeup, we often imagine a typical Instagram look with full brows, heavy coverage foundation, concealer, contour, pigmented blush or bronzer, winged liner, false lashes, and whatnot. However, when it comes to no makeup, it’s about applying a reduced number of products with a lighter touch.

Tips for Natural Makeup Look

In this section, we’ve categorized some of the best hacks for these natural makeup trends while rounding up our suggested techniques to give you flawless finish without giving it a cakey feel.

Prioritize Your Skin

When you’re thinking about no makeup look, you must elevate your skin in such a way that it emits rays of shine and healthy energy on its own. This look is all about showing the glowing look and natural feel of your skin to other people. The only way you can achieve such glow is to fake it by doing some skin prep. You can prep your skin by using cleaners, exfoliators, masks, and other primary skin care products on a daily basis. You uplift the entire process by using a hydrating serum or hydrating face mask and applying it right before applying makeup on your skin.

By keeping your skin moisturised and hydrating, you create a definitive layer of glow that radiates with your makeup.

Priming Your Foundation is Necessary

As you know, for the no makeup look, we have to keep our skin smooth and flawless for which your skin should actually be flawless. To reduce the blemish and pores, another step of preparing your skin before makeup is to prime. The main purpose of the primer is to set a foundation or base for all the upcoming products so that your makeup stays as is for a long time

We usually think about why models work from dawn till dusk outside and manage to stay fresh. The answer is a primer that makes sure your makeup lasts the entire day without gliding down with sweat. You can pick the brand and primer consistency as per your skin type. If you have open pores then you should go for pore hiding primer so that it doesn’t get clogged with foundation. Most influencers also go for illuminating primers, giving you the glow from within.

Lighter Coverage Goes A Long Way

When doing the full blown doll-like makeup look, we usually go for a thick and full coverage foundation. However, for the no makeup and natural look, you should pick tinted moisturizers, BB or CC cream and even light skin tint that can give a bit of pigment to your skin without hiding the natural texture. It clearly adds hydration without covering up any redness, freckles, or imperfections

Most beauty gurus recommend trying liquid foundation because it blends quite easily without stealing away the radiance or giving you matted look. Damp your beauty sponge or brush with setting spray and pour two to three pumps of foundation. Evenly spread the foundation to all parts of your face, don’t think about covering any major mark as it’ll give you the actual natural feel.

Hide Those Blemishes

After applying the foundation properly, go for a lightweight concealer for any of your dark circles or minor blemishes. Use one shade lighter than your foundation and apply it on both corners of your eye in a stroke like manner. If you have spots or marks on your face and you want to cover them then you can cover it with the residue of your blending brush. Some people also go for fingers when applying products for better application but you can do however you like.

Cream Everything

Another key factor when applying products after concealer is to pick them in cream form instead of liquid or powdered form. The sole reason behind it is that cream can blend quite easily and give your skin a much more natural feel than powder which sits on top of your face. Use cream blush, cream bronzor, and cream highlighter for a smooth result.

If you think that the makeup would wear off after a while then you can keep powdered items with you to retouch and refresh your makeup. Moreover, the setting spray in the end can seal the deal. You should apply the blush, bronzer, and highlighter starting from both of your temples going towards the starting of your cheekbones. It gives more dimension and shadow which you need to elevate your face.

Add Dewiness

Giving a bit of dewiness and golden touch to your skin can add much more height to your beauty rather than going simple. Don’t go for your typical shimmer based highlighter, instead use an illuminator or clear base cream. You should apply it to the top of your cheekbone, the tip of your nose, and on your chin, simply wherever the light falls on your skin.

Avoid going overboard with the highlighter as it might give away your little secret. Another tip is to make sure that the product is completely melted in your face with all the other products to have a smoother face.

Faking Blush

If your skin is naturally blushed and rosey, it gives a more gorgeous and unpolished look, compared to the matte feel. Now since you have some product on your skin, you can’t have a skin like rosey texture, but you can fake it by adding cream blush or rosy tint with your finger on the apple of your cheek, the bridge of your nose and slightly on your chin. It’ll give your skin a more natural and original outlook.

Make Those Brow Prominent

With all the makeup, your brows tend to look a bit dull. Even if they’re bushy and unruly, you should make them prominent to improve their natural beauty and to add dimension to your face. However, don’t go for darker brush or pencil, only use either clear or natural brow gel using smaller brush and stroke them just to give them density.

Mascara to Curl Lashes

The skin is the superstar with this look, so going light on the lashes is alright. Most women must have not worn natural colored mascara since 2010, yet except if you have very dull lashes normally, it just delicately opens your eyes without looking excessively weighty. Twist your lashes and put on an earthy colored mascara to the top and base lashes, or truly go for the regular look and skip mascara out and out. We recommend putting on mascara with a more modest brush to assist you with applying less, such as utilizing an old forehead mascara wand or reusing a spoolie from the finish of an eyebrow pen.

Keep Your Lips Natural

Similar to your blushy cheeks, your lips feel natural when they’re pinky and more rosey. You can either go for a more natural lipstick or lighter tint. If you don’t have natural colored lipstick then you should also try out your red or pink lipstick and swipe off the excess with a cloth or tissue till you get the right shade for your lips.

Summing up

Here’s how you can create your own no makeup look without much hassle. Just go for the right type of makeup products in the right quantity and people wouldn’t be able to tell if you are wearing makeup or your skin is just naturally healthy and glowing. Besides everything, the key for a healthy appearance is to have a healthy mind and healthy organs, so don’t forget to stay hydrated and bring peace in your life for a natural glow.