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Here is the best Nobis review.

According to statistica, winter is considered as the most loved and anticipated season of the year. With everyone finding different ways to increase coziness and comfort on cold chilly days and holiday spirit rolling around everywhere. Most smart shoppers tend to buy clothes for winter ahead of the season as it only gets costly and most stuff often gets sold out.

When you think about your winter shopping, there are many different brands which drive your attention, but outerwear shopping usually requires you to feel cozy while maintaining the aesthetics of your personality. However, some of the dedicated winter clothing brands can only give you protection from harsh weather with its padding. While others only focus on adding beauty and style forgetting about the functionality.

In this struggle, Nobis has been a primary choice of most people by offering different unsolicited yet stylish jackets, hoodies, and other winter assets, that’s why we’ll be reviewing Nobis in detail.


About Nobis – Nobis Review 2022

Nobis clothing is one of the popular designers in today’s extreme shopping world where an average of 40% of people living in Europe rely on it for their winter haul. The brand claims to be the ideal spot for people who are in search of a comfortable yet modern collection so that they could spend ample time outside, admiring nature’s beauty even in winters.

Whether there’s rain or snow, storm or sleet, Nobis suggests that regardless of the heights or elevation you are aiming to mount, the outwear can give you protection and warmth all along. According to their website, each piece of clothing is tried and tested in harsh environments and tough weather situations.

The main aim of Nobis is to offer the clothing that pleases the customers offering the essence that they’re looking for giving the satisfying vibes even when the rest of the world is frozen. Due to such a strong foundation, the quality is suited for rough and tough conditions with high grade manufacturing material, primarily focusing on satisfying customer’s need and demand. The brand also wants to make people realize the identity that they’ve been trying to fit since they’re founded, which is to change the traditional perspective of winter clothing.

Nobis has been a worthwhile example of combining innovative ideas into outerwear changing the usual trend by adding style and class into it. The collection is shipped and sold worldwide among over 40 different countries and purchased by millions because of its uniqueness, style, vast range of options, high grade material, and optimum functionality.


Nobis History

Nobis was founded back in 2007 in Canada by the country’s former vice president Goose Robin Yates. The name is derived from a Latin word meaning us, which is why it has been one of the leading Canadian brands known worldwide envisioning the products that customers need.

As Nobis started to emerge as a promising name especially for manufacturing outerwear, Goose decided to resign from his government post so that there won’t be any customer satisfaction problems or quality issues. The founder implemented different ideas and innovations to the brand by introducing coupons to their loyal consumers, improvised shipping policies, and much more just so that they avoid all the problems faced by different emerging brands at initial stages.

All of their products are being products by following detailed and systematic mechanics creating unique designs that aren’t only light on body but depicting class and fulfilling all the functions while staying relevant forever. After a thorough tour about Nobis history, we are ready to get dazzled with the details.


Nobis Clothing Details

Nobis clearly stands out among different other outerwear brands because of its stylish and versatile designs. They usually give credits to their expert team that considers all the different factors and put in their utmost efforts to incorporate high quality material for creating the perfect piece.

The efforts and preciseness of its manufacturing added to each clothing article is considered integral for guaranteeing the quality in every thread representing the reasons behind their success. Like all the prominent designers and clothing tycoons, Nobis also manufactures its fabric themselves with only the best raw material. Regardless of the clothing type, every clothing piece by the brand is created from a delicate blend of different raw materials including cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, and their variations as well.

Moreover, Nobis also has a dedicated manufacturing block for creating laminated fabric for added strength in winter clothing that has been manufactured after deep study and research specifically for making the product sustainable. These laminated fabric increases comfort and warmth while letting you roll around in style. It is designed using weatherproof materials with added underarm vent to make the jacket breathable, making the jacket a prominent choice for tough weather.

Even when it gets wet in the heavy rain, it has water resistant material with 10000mm water column rating and DWR-treated padding which is quite functional and accessible to wear.


Factors Convincing You To Buy Nobis Outerwear

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Investing and purchasing aren’t that simple especially when it comes to weather resistant clothes. Especially when we’re doing it online, there are many different elements that need to be considered before filling up your shopping cart. Some of those factors are mentioned below:


When we looked at reviews from potential consumers after Nobis on theirs and other popular websites, we were shocked to observe the positivity. Thus, we’ve deeply analysed the brand to test the authenticity of those reviews and our answer is yes, it is 100% authentic with all of its products.

Hopefully you won’t find any sort of scam with any of the services as we’re tried and tested it ourselves. It has stores worldwide running for more than a decade building trust amongst customers belonging to every culture. Nobis has been carrying out all of its sales by following every policy while remaining authentic and responsible.

Nobis also guarantees the quality so much that they have a “return if a problem found” facility available and trust us any unauthentic store wouldn’t give such remarkable results of approval to their consumers.

Material Standard

One of the major things that needs to be looked upon is the quality of the product you’re purchasing. If there’s any minor glitch in quality then all your money would be down the drain.

According to our detailed research, we’ve found Nobis delivering quality products made from high grade material whether it concerns winter clothing or products that depend on terrain. We can recommend the brand solely on the basis of raw material quality as it is surely better than many online brands in the market.

While most of its customers agree with us stating that product’s durability is the backbone of its success. Nobis also guarantees top notch products, mentioning that it’ll compensate in case of any query.

Fitting Guide

There are two worst phases of online shopping, number one being, the brand doesn’t deliver you the piece that is shown in the picture, and number two is that you’ve been given the wrong size. Both of these situations are equivalent to wasting your money.

Thus, we assessed Nobis on the size factor too and we were amazed to know that they provide a detailed size guide for all of their products. You’ll find the size guide at the store and on the website where you can definitely find the right fit for you. The website can also filter out the products based on size they have in the stock.

According to our experience, if you go through the size guide thoroughly then you won’t go wrong with the size of any of the products. Moreover, Nobis also offers a 14-day return policy where you can claim the exchange or return within 14 days of purchase with the receipt.

Weather Resistant

Another speciality that should convince everyone to buy Nobis is that each clothing piece has additional laminated padding that protects you from any type of environment from heavy rain, storm, thunder, wind, and even snow. You can use it in any rough and tough environment as your traveling partner, whether you’re going on a large scale sailor’s cruise or hiking up the mountains.

Identity Security

When buying something online, you have to give your credit card information that isn’t always safe for all types of websites. However, Nobis has used website protection to prevent data breaching, taking care of their customer’s privacy.

As the store is registered as the data controller for the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 1998, they have to follow the UK’s code of conduct. This can assure that even after acquiring your credit card details, they can’t invade your privacy or empty your card.

So, sit back and relax to enjoy your shopping experience as Nobis website is completely safe. You can still check out their terms & conditions and privacy policy to know more in detail.

Customer Service

The uprise or downfall of every brand depends on their customer service as it plays an integral role in attracting as well as repelling the traffic from their responses. Nobis has a well versed customer service department where each of their representatives are trained to maintain customer relationships.

We had a first hand experience with the service representatives about a query and we were completely satisfied with the treatment of the customer service team. Each member of the team puts in the efforts to make the experience better for their customers.

You can find a bunch of reviews about Nobis where customers are praising the representatives for their cooperation and resolving their queries without delay. Many of them have specifically mentioned the names of team members which confirms their professionalism.


Nobis Remarkable Clothing Lineup

According to our detailed research and examination of every clothing article at Nobis, we can clearly say that Nobis caters to people with a variety of different choices and different priorities of style. Whether you like baggy or skinny, basic or classy, you’ll find everything that you can possibly like. It elevates your usual outerwear taking up to a fashionable masterpiece.

Nobis has introduced such remarkable designs that people are comfortable suiting every climate. So, whether you are under icy cold winters or enjoying the summer breeze by the sea, you can wrap yourself up in a Nobis jacket or Nobis Lightweight Down respectively. The main objective of their design and experimental team is to expand the domain by widening the collection that can match every taste and fashion lifestyle.

You will be amazed to find most of the articles named after famous celebrities like Sia and Adele or city names like Manhattan and Londoner’s. Although there are many different categories of clothing line available on Nobis stores and websites, we’re going to mention some of the best:

Nobis Bombers

Nobis is known to be prominent in this category due to its practical items. The Nobis Bombers are an ideal illustration of that since it comprises of different zippers and undetectable ones. This outerwear likewise conveys the advantage of having a removable hood, and it is designed with the Sympatex material that permits it to be waterproof. To make it more classy and smooth, the plan was added with a drawcord at the midsection for clamping in outline.

The basic role is to give warmth and fulfillment, and for that, there is a Premium Canadian Origin White Duck Down present in this plan.

What We Like The Best

In this Bomber series by Nobis, we were amazed by a few products specifically the exclusive Nobis Bombers including Blake men’s bomber jacket, Dylan men’s hooded bomber jacket, Higgins men’s bomber jacket, and Molly Ladies bomber jacket that’ll keep you warm this winter.

Nobis Parkas

You could have perused a couple of the nobis parka reviews, including any nobis yatesy survey previously, and if not, you can get a brief look at a most unprejudiced survey of nobis parka here. It is viewed as the moderate present day plan of this time. They give such remarkable and the top notch stuff out in the market looking like the parka. The plan is solely made for winters and the turbulent chilly climate.

Nobis Parka has a profoundly protected and non-removable down-filled hood with a windproof, waterproof, and breathable conjugal. It contains consistent blanket puffer channels that give you very agreeable and comfortable feels. The most amazing aspect of the Nobis Parka is that it has a unique Coyote fur trim ruff, that can be withdrawn and taken out from the hood according to the client’s prerequisites. Read along to know what’s our best pick from this category.

What We Like The Best

Amongst all the Parka range, each one of them are machine washable and exposed two-way zipper that include Donovan men’s fishtail parka and Shelby men’s military parka in men’s collection. While Luna ladies hip length parka and Ava ladies parka in women’s articles.

Nobis Lightweight Down

For those who get annoyed by wearing bulky jackets and puffy coats, Nobis has found a way to rescue you. The lightweight down of Nobis is an ideal decision for winters and different climates. You can without much of a stretch make it your go-to coat and might go out for a disagreement. Its external shell is planned with an excellent cotton/nylon, and it has a crease seal development that permits the coat to be waterproof, windproof, yet incredibly breathable.

Furthermore, these coats are profoundly breathable with down verification free hanging liner, and it permits the client to feel exceptionally trendy, agreeable, and loosened up all simultaneously. Its usefulness is characterized as the best ones that are accessible in the market at this moment and is highly valued.

What We Like The Best

With cool lightweight exclusive down jackets, we loved Sia ladies windbreaker and Senator ladies traditional mac, whereas in the men’s line we were quite impressed by Morrissey men’s windbreaker.

Nobis Jackets

In each coat survey by Nobis, you will find practically every one of the comparable perspectives and conversations. Notwithstanding, in the nobis jacket, you will be amazed with its phenomenal elements and functionalities. This makes it more requested on the lookout, however individuals who approach it interestingly additionally move blown away with the limitless advantages it needs to offer.These coats given by Nobis are solely intended to be more valuable and dependable. It is shaped with the assistance of 3-utilize miniature denier creation that is of premium quality. Besides, it has a Nobis DP Nylon coating to build its breathability component and make it light-weighted.

What We Like The Best

The exclusive nobis jackets that we preferred were Adele double breasted jacket and Ranger ladies shirt jacket. Meanwhile, in the men’s range, the Griffon and Admiral men’s shirt jackets outshine.

Nobis Raincoats

Nobis is renowned for some things, yet one classification that draws in the majority of its clients towards the store is the waterproof shells and nobis down coats. Many surveys of Nobis coats will neglect to let you know every one of the potential elements and experiences to this item, however this survey of nobis is only a pool of replies to every one of your inquiries.

The Nobis parkas are made of premium quality texture that incorporates an ideal mix of cotton and nylon. The Nobis marked camo network liner that is available in its development permits the items to be exceptionally breathable and agreeable to wear. Be that as it may, these parkas don’t have removable hoods, yet they are flexible and lightweight.

What We Like The Best

For extra protection from rain, we preferred Weldon and Londoner’s raincoat for men and Manhattan and Harper long coats for ladies.


Is Nobis Worth the Price?

In every review, we try to remain as unsolicited and unbiased as possible not only revealing the goods but also the drawbacks of trying out any brand. For people asking us about the price range and affordability factor, we like to point out that Nobis is clearly not quite affordable.

The price tags and overall price range of any product or clothing line indicates that it falls into the luxury category. Generally, the outerwear falls under the $700 price tag at max. There are other designer essentials from the brands that can exceed up to $1200 more or less.

Moreover, the plus point is the products are durable and helps if you’re looking for something for a longer run. You don’t buy items like jeans and jackets every other day, thus it is worth investing one time. However, if you want to spend less on similar products then you can either wait for discounts to show up on their website or search for coupons on websites for saving money while buying these luxury Nobis items in a pocket-friendly manner.


Summing up

In this detailed review, we have almost covered every factor throughout the Nobis brand. You can always consider our take on different products as we only share reliable and accurate insights about each product, origin, price factor, benefits, and drawbacks of every brand. After detailed analysis, we can conclude that Nobis has emerged as one of the top brands of Canada that offers products that can increase your comfort level at any weather condition while staying durable for a long time.

You may find their prices a bit too high but if you are looking for one time investment then you must look for its product as they provide the functionalities that are hard to find in any other brands. In the vast variety of different categories of clothes, you will find the right outerwear whether you’re looking for menswear or women essentials elevating your style standards.