Hacks & Tips for Online Shopping

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Online Shopping has become popular nowadays especially after the pandemic when it was quite difficult to go outside for groceries and stuff. Before that only food orders were considered to be an umbrella term for online shopping. But now people all over the world rely on it for even visually minor stuff as easy as buying a toothbrush. There’s no doubt that purchasing online can be convenient as well as comfortable compared to in-store quarrels.

Especially during holiday season or any festivities, going to malls or stores for buying gifts can be a daunting task. That’s the time when you have to buy new dresses, sometimes kitchen essentials, and whatnot. Such excessive shopping can make your budget exceed resulting in financial difficulty for the entire month or even debts.

But does that mean you have to stop spending on gifts or your essentials for the holidays? Absolutely not! The wise decision here is to take advantage of the sale, deals, offers, and tips helping you save a tonne of money. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve made a list of authentic and affordable brands from which you can get heaping discounts. Read more to uncover the best deals and tips before you shop from online stores.


Top 8 Tips Before You Shop

Although there’s no science in shopping whether it is for personal goods or household essentials, yet some tips and tricks can get you a long way in terms of saving money and accessibility. Some of our tried and tested hacks are as follows:


Mid Week Shopping Spree

After a busy day at work or managing household chores at home all day, you only get time to shop or buy groceries when the weekend comes. Most stores tend to clear out their old products during the mid week sale from where you can get some fine pieces on the lowest price tags.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a new dress then go for it on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You’ll get notified by the store or brand on these mid week sales, once you purchase something and they sign you up in their newsletter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bargain

When it comes to online shopping, there’s always a customer support chat service which you can use to ask for a discount. Most stores acknowledge the items that won’t do them any good and aren’t expected to be approached by any customer.

If you think the item you want can be under that category just text the service to negotiate for your product. You can push ahead to ask for any hidden sales, discount, promo code, etc. but it is a must that you aren’t getting responses by an AI in the chat instead of human customer representative

Buy Products Having Bonus Rewards

Most stores or online shopping websites allow you to take part in rewards and bonuses where you purchase the specific item mentioned in the description and you’ll get a pay back bonus on your wallet which you can use to buy other items within the shop. Your goal should be to find such reward yielding goods and invest in them for your future hauls.

These points can not only result in cash back but also free items, credit score, and additional gifts too. It should be noted that not all store policies are the same thus, you shouldn’t exceed your purchases from the mentioned score.

Price Matching

Similar to asking for a discount, price matching can help you save a lot of money. Some websites and stores have the policy that if you find any product with prices cheaper than that mentioned on their list then they’ll offer a money back guarantee. All you have to do is rectify the prices from different stores and go for the customer service representative to lower the prices online.

Since the retailers always want to rank top in their industry so they go for a relatively cheaper price and better quality. That’s why, these stores offer guaranteed price matching that can result in extra store credit, filling your online wallet with extra money

Don’t Ship, Pickup From Store

Sometimes we buy items from different parts of the world which reach our doorstep on the given time period, we are burying our money for nothing. The most known tactics by such stores is that they’ll sell a $10 item for $50 with free shipping and most people fall for it. It is a total scam because they’re taking additional shipping charges and giving you the illusion of free. To avoid this, you should go for stores that have these types of items within their inventory so you don’t have to pay extra.

Other than that, most retailers offer free shipping after you have bought products ranging up to a certain amount. Ask you friends and family members if they want to buy anything from the store so that you’ll get free shipping.

You can even escape this shipping fee by going to the store yourself to pick up your product.

Engage on Brands’ Social Platforms

Social media is a great platform for brands to promote their product and flaunt it in front of their fans. Such brands share deep insights about their products including deals, giveaways, promo codes reaching up to 50%. So, following them can be an effortless way to get extreme discounts and even get stuff for free.

Most of the time, they use the marketing tactics that anyone who shares their post gets a coupon, so you can engage in such posts as well. Once you get associated with them, you’ll be updated with all the perks.

Leave Products in the Cart

After you locate your desired product from the list of products from the online store, try leaving it as is in your cart without buying it immediately. Most shopping websites have algorithms to detect the item lying in the shopping cart and they usually send out an email within a week, mentioning an offer, deal, or a perk so that you would submit your order.

You can also save your product until you get a perky sale or weekday sale then buy it at much lower rates.

Don’t Use Discount & Saving Cards Altogether

Most of the time after holidays, most stores and restaurants hand out coupons and vouchers with one year validity that can be used for discounts or free products. So, instead of using them all at once, it is wise to save one and choose it at certain events and festivities. This way you won’t have a temporary relief and long lasting financial burden later on.

There are also many discounted gift cards that can help you save money even if retailers cut 20% of your final purchase. These types of cards don’t have any validity or are exclusive and can be very beneficial if used wisely.


Best Discount Stores for Online Shopping

Following are some of the best brands and stores that offer high discounting gift cards and saving cards with quality products and services:



Whether you’re buying clothes for your a lady or you want to treat your younger ones with a cutesies, following are some of the most efficient and cost saving online stores you’ll find on the internet:

Nordstrom Rack

If you’re a fan of classic Nordstrom essentials but you can’t afford the original price tag then try out this compromise version of the brand handing out many minor defaulted or preloved pieces. They contain the legendary designer items from the brand itself so you may get your desired jacket or onesie for much lower cost.

It is recommended to go for their clearance section before scrolling down the exclusives as you can get some wonders under $5 with Nordstrom proof quality. In this online store, free shipping will start after an $89 purchase.

What do they offer?

Nordstrom Rack offers many categories of clothing products including women’s casual and classy wear, maternity clothes, men essentials, and kids exclusives too.


Boohoo is an online store based in the United Kingdom offering reasonable prices and frequent discounts on its exclusive items. The brand updates 100 new items daily putting old items to sale. The deals offered by Boohoo can range up to 70% which you can find almost at the end of every month, ensuring you aren’t paying extravagant.

You can find top notch clothing essentials screaming quality under a remarkably low price tag. The prices for the average dresses start as low as $4 with the added shipping rate of $9.99.

What do they offer?

Boohoo provides you sleek dresses especially for plus size women, along with shoes and other accessories. They also offer an excellent collection for plus size men, being a complete package for children’s clothing too.

Cotton On

Next in line is the Cotton On from Australia that is known for their discounts in casual essentials. The store is famous for its basics that you usually pick for your school or normal day at work. It offers the most comfortable and cozy quality so that you can wear it almost all the time.

You’ll find some of the original casual shirts and dresses as low as $14.99 with the shipping of $6 which turns free if you purchase over $50.

What do they offer?

Cotton On offers basic items like shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etc for women and special maternity clothes collection as well. For men, they also offer a vast lineup of shirts, jackets, and pants along with accessories like shoes, socks, ties, etc. Moreover, you can pick out some of the cutest children and infant wear from Cotton On as well.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is the name that you mostly have heard for their designer collection, however, most of the shopaholics consider it the discount haven. This store can turn any basic fashionista to elevate their style into Maxx style. If you aim for shopping at discounted rates then you can freely shop at its runway section at almost a fraction of the original designer price. You can get the famous brand products like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc at up to 60% discount

With such top notch brands, TJ Maxx offers the start price of the dress at $10 where shipping starts at $8.99.

What do they offer?

TJ Maxx is enriched with every essential whether you’re searching in the men’s collection, women’s or children’s size. You can find complete dresses, suits, as well as accessories from the designer brands.


Furniture And Accessories

When it comes to furniture and accessories there are many significant places on the web, where you can get quality products at much discounted rates. A few of those online places are listed below:

Big Box Stores

We all know the classics when it comes to buying furniture but the only drawback they have is their 20 page long script to assemble the given furniture. Yes, we’re talking about our go-to big box stores that offer new and updated furniture manufactured from high quality materials and are quite light on the pocket.

However, you have to spend days finding the right product and more days to take it to the right shape. The products they offer are best for children’s rooms and dorm rooms that need inconsistent care. Such big box stores including Ikea, Walmart, Homegoods, Target, etc. offer discount vouchers and gift cards too.

What do they offer?

These stores offer products that range from bedroom essentials like bed, vanity, couches to dining tables, as well as bassinets.


When we look for furniture retailers on the web, you’ll find a considerable deduction in their prices which is because of their unrecognised platforms like big box stores. So, if you are in search of a furniture shop but you don’t mind giving a wee bit of your time to actually analyze it then you must sign up for Wayfair. It offers you the latest design and style with even adding points according to your settings and interiors with the best quality furniture with half price that common stores.

What do they offer?

Wayfair offers custom designed furniture for any part of your house that can be as small as a mini study table or as big as a theatre couch.


Last on our list is the option that we can not simply neglect which is the online auction that is offered by a renowned site eBay. Those who know how to shop online on a budget know that eBay offers the widest range of electronics and furniture, especially classics and antiques.

Within their website, there’s an entire category assigned to furniture with high quality goods at low price tags. It is the platform to remember when you’re looking for an office essential or a lounging collection. As you search through the items, it is recommended to filter the results so that you’ll get the products that are acquired by you.

What do they offer?

EBay offers top notch furniture with the lowest price range that specializes in antiques, tables, decoration essentials, etc.


Kitchenware And Accessories

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen with classy yet helpful kitchenware and accessories then you get them all from pots to crockery at discounted prices by visiting the following online stores.

Crate & Barrel

When it comes to buying top notch household essentials then Crate & Barrel holds a significant position in the list of online stores with a wide range of different items that can make your kitchen tasks much easier. The best thing about it is that you can grab some exclusive items from popular stores at much discounted rates.

This online store specializes in selling those items which you can hardly find in any other store. Moreover, they master the art of delivering only the best quality baking goods including cake mold, muffin tray, cookie sheet, cooling rack, and whatnot. The sales and discounts are available almost every day of the week up to 40% on kitchenware.

What do they offer?

Crate & Barrel is famous for offering all types of kitchenware whether locally crafted or international goods. You can find everything from crockeries, pots, baking items, fondue set, grills, palls, outdoor stove, oven and much more.

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

Whether tricky or reasonable, whatever you desire to equip your kitchen with, William Sonoma guarantees to have it. It is solely a kitchen based store with everything available to assist you with your kitchen needs. If you’re looking for something within the budget then the limited time offer and discounted price tags on the sale section is surely going to tempt you. With Williams Sonoma, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any latest kitchen accessories.

One of the best items from the brand is their pots and instant cookers that save a lot of your time and can minimize the use of kitchen appliances. The sale or deals they offer can range up to 30%.

What do they offer?

All the goods and accessories offered by William Sonoma aim to make your kitchen better and your cooking easy from cookware sets to cutlery and gadgets to utensils, etc.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table is another quality yet money saver retail store that can offer some high end kitchenware products within a much expanded horizon. If you’re in search of turning your kitchen fancy then you shouldn’t think twice to order stuff from here as every product is elegant. For getting the good use of your money, make sure to check their clearance section as all of their luxury items tend to be available with 50% decrease.

The store keeps some top notch ovens, microwaves, and other cooking gadgets to bring efficiency in cooking.

What do they offer?

Within the boundaries of Sur La Table, you’ll be mesmerized to find numerous mini kitchen avail, attracting you to get everything. You can find bakeware, cooking essentials, appliances, kitchen tools, and many other products.


To Sum Up

When it comes to shopping online, there is a vast domain that most of us still haven’t uncovered which can actually save our money, efforts, and resources. By just following some tips or just reaching out to some hacks, you can easily buy gifts for everyone on the holiday seasons without going bankrupt.

Before going on an online shopping spree, it is important to remember some of the tips that can help your money go down the drain. Initially, only shop when you need something, avoid buying unnecessary items and then they’ll end up in your closet or on your cabinets until it rottens. So, before hitting the checkout button, leave your items in the shopping cart for at least an hour and it’s guaranteed that after you come back, you may find almost half of those items unnecessary.

Secondly, don’t shop when you’re hungry. It is recommended to eat before you shop because when you’re hungry instead of using your mind, you’re often using your stomach, thus you should first bring your senses back. With all this and much more advice and tips, hoping that you’ll be benefited. Happy shopping!