What they offer & is it worth it? Review of the Pela Case

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Our phones have improved a lot over the past two decades, with better performances, displays and even longer lasting batteries. However, they still remain prone to wear even more so on the premium models. So to keep your expensive phones away from damage, a phone case seems to be an essential investment, and that’s exactly what we are going to review in this article, phone cases from Pela Case.


Getting to Know Pela Case

Pela Case has been with us for a decade, providing not only mobile phone cases but also earbud cases, smartwatch bands, liquid screen protectors, and even sunglasses. However, the one thing that separates Pela’s case from others is that they are eco-friendly. Their cases, along with other accessories, are made from 100% biodegradable material, which helps our planet a lot in the long run.


The Eco-friendly Manufacturing of Pela Case

Pela Case is quite determined in its war against the destruction of our planet. Not only are their cases biodegradable, but their manufacturing process is also tailored around eco-friendly manufacturing. Free from plastic, and having a minimal carbon footprint manufacturing process, are some of the ways Pela Case ensures their cases do not harm our green planet.

  • The least amount of natural resources used.
  • 25% fewer carbon emissions leading to neutral carbon footprints
  • 70% less waste production than other plastic case manufacturers.
  • Almost 35% less water is used than other manufacturers.


Pela Case Products

As mentioned before, Pela Case does not restrict themselves to only producing phone cases, they also ship out a whole variety of other products. Most of these are also biodegradable and come at prices that don’t break your bank account. Then Pela Case also offers discount code from time to time which can be used to get a little extra off their next product when shopping.

To give you a better understanding what will you find in the Pela Case product lineup, here are some of their mainstream cases:

Pela Case Eco-friendly Smartphone Cases

They have cases for a large number of phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Google, and Huawei, among others. All of these cases are both durable and 100% biodegradable.

Pela’s Clear Phone Cases

Decorated with coloured ridges, the case is thin and durable. These cases are transparent and come least in the way of the phone’s original design, so you get to keep the feel and look of your smartphone. These are the colours available for Pela’s clear phone cases:

  • Black
  • Cherry
  • Cantaloupe
  • Teal
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Sky blue
  • Yellow
  • Grey


Pela Full-back Eco-friendly Case

For those who are not a fan of transparent cases, Pela also has a lineup of solid color eco-friendly cases. These cases are more on the affordable side and give your phone a nice professional look. They also feel better in your hands, thanks to the added grip. You can get Pela’s solid color cases in these colors:

  • Black
  • Lavender
  • Green
  • Mint
  • Grey
  • Rose quartz
  • White


Pela Limited Edition Bee Smartphone Case Collection

For lovers of the animal kingdom, Pela Case has an entire lineup decorated with cute animal images, available for a limited time. Not only are these cases cool to have, but Pela also donates a percentage of the profits when you buy one from the bee collection, to save bees and their habitats. These are the type of cases you can find in their limited-edition lineup:

  • Koalas
  • Turtles
  • Whales
  • Sharkskin
  • Bee collection


Pela Eco-friendly Airpods Cases

Why buy regular AirPods cases for your phone when you can get an eco-friendly one, protecting your AirPods while also protecting your planet at the same time. Pela’s AirPods cases are made of the same material as their phone cases which makes them soft and durable.

Apple Smartwatch Bands

With a large collection of vibrant colors, Pela Case also offers Apple smartwatch bands that are, you guessed it, 100% biodegradable. These bands are flexible, functional, and durable. They are made from Flaxstic and give a clean look to your watch. You can get smartwatch bands for almost any Apple Watch series, be it 1,4, or 5.

Pela Case Liquid Screen Protector

Something that you may have not seen before, to combat the amount of plastic that ends up in waste sites, Pela Case decided to dump the plastic screen protectors and embrace liquid protection. So how it works is that, this protector comes in a corked glass vial and is called the Pela Canopy. You open it up and then pour that liquid on your screen. The liquid then hardens to protect your screen.

For those who have concerns about whether this would damage their screens, Pela offers a warranty and in case of damage, is ready to cover up to $200. So why use boring plastic screen protectors that are damaging the environment when you can use cool ones that come in glass vials.

Biodegradable And Compostable Sunglasses

Offering two lineups of sunglasses, Sulu and Bonito, Pela Case offers the world’s first compostable sunglasses. They do not compromise on style and sport a nice clean look. Apart from being good-looking, these glasses are actually cheaper than most out there, so not only will you be buying the world’s first biodegradable sunglasses but will also do so at affordable rates.

Ethos Radiation Reduction Tool

For all our folks that are worried about the radiation that their phone emits, and the potential damage they might afflict, Ethos Radiation by Pela Case can be attached to your phone case that reduces a significant amount of these raditations. Up tp 80% of these radiations are stopped from your phone, saving you from the potential harm they can bring.

However, although the Ethos radiation reduction tool stops a good amount of this radiation, you will face no deterioration of your phone’s reception.

Pela Case Card Holder

Cardholders by Pela can be attached to your phone, and they can keep two credit cards at one time. The card case is light and comes in a minimal design, so your phone will not bulk up when the Pela Case card holder is attached. These card holders are available in following colors:

  • Black
  • Cherry
  • Cantaloupe
  • Teal
  • Lavender
  • Sky blue
  • Mint
  • Grey
  • Yellow

Eco-friendly Phone Griply

Plant-based phone grips by Pela Case are completely compostable and will help you have a nice firm grip over your phone. Never accidentally drop and damage your expensive phones and instead make use of these comfortable, sturdy, and adjustable smartphone grips. These grips are functional as well as you can also use them as a dedicated mobile stand.


Can It Pass The Drop Test

Now no phone case is useful if they are not protecting your phone, regardless of how eco-friendly they are. So we decided to test how well a Pela Case can protect our phone. Drop tests were conducted and we found out that through most of the high drops, the phone survived. And this seems to be a common pattern here, as not only does our review confirm this, but you can also find several others online that show how Pela phone cases are keeping the phone protected through their shock-absorbent properties.

We also noticed that when dropped from heights, the phone bounces off the ground which just shows that your phone is in good hands when in a Pela Case.


Things to Consider Before Buying Pela Cases

For those who are thinking of buying any of the above mentioned Pela Case products then here are a few things to consider:

Customer Reviews

The biggest factor to consider before making any purchase is to search for the customer reviews online and read it to assess their customer service and product quality. You’ll have to determine if their claim matches with their services that will help you develop better understanding of their vision.

According to 90% people, Pela Case products have more stability and durability while having assurance of using a product that is safe for the environment. Moreover, the products have successfully accomplish the drop test. You can go to different review websites or go through their official website to have better idea of their product’s reputation.


Up till now, you must know that Pela Case works on environmental sustainability factors meaning the main vision of the brand is to offer its users a product that is ecologically sustainable and safe for the environment. Even the box that comes with it is made of compostable raw materials.

Protective Capability

Next factor to analyze is the protection capability for which Pela Case products are famous. You have figured out if every product is capable of providing your phone the protection they claim for your routine usage. The main objective should be to save your phone during uncertain circumstances. According to people’s choice review, this phone case is able to offer routine protection. However, it can be an average alternative for heavy duty phone cases.


Another aspect which should determine if Pela Cases are worth your money is its durability. At Pela Case, the designers as well as manufacturers have kept long lasting and high quality phone cases as their top most priority.

Grip Quality

Most of the time, we can’t have a proper grip on our phone cases which may result in broken screens or back covers. Pela Case makes sure to use graspable design at high points of the case so that your phone won’t slip around or doesn’t fall from your hand. As we have tested our phones with Pela Cases multiple times while running and sprinting, we can successfully say that it offers stable grip.

Additional Protection

The best thing we’ve found in Pela Case phone cases is that they’re completely waterproof so even if it’s lying on a wet surface, your phone won’t get wet or water won’t reach inside. However, we can’t say that waterproof protection is the strong suit for Pela Cases.


When people are purchasing from a brand, they expect additional items from them too. Pela Case considers such people by providing accessories and add ons. You can see many different types of gadget holders and items that you can buy for yourself or even gift your loved ones. Other than that there is a whole sunglasses range, Ethos, grip strap, cardholders, and much more.

Adhesive Quality

You may have seen the trend of sticking pop sockets and griply at the back of your phone cover but to stick them your phone case should have the adhesive quality. Most pop sockets are difficult to attach to silicone, leather and particularly waterproof material. You can also find them ripping out of a textured surface, however, even with the textured or silicone phone cases by Pela Cases, the pop sockets can be stuck easily.


Most people wonder if Pela Cases offer some sort of guarantee in case of broken phones. Well, according to Pela Case, they have tested the protection capabilities in many difficult areas but it doesn’t mean your phone won’t come under a situation that will cause it to break, just because of Pela Case. That’s why Pela Case hasn’t supported any sort of guarantee that the phone won’t have any harm once you have put on the case.

But if under any circumstances your phone screen tends to break after applying liquid screen protector by Pela Case or any of their cases then Pela offers a screen protective guarantee covering the screen damages. It will be recommended to read the fine print beforehand to know what they’ll cover under the guarantee clause.

Return Policy

For indecisive people who may change their mind after buying a product, Pela Case offers a 100% money back happiness return policy on all of their products. According to the company, you can return the product within 90 days of buying while having the receipt by reaching out to their customer service representatives who will readily solve your issue.

Phone Support

The most important aspect to consider while buying a phone cover is will it fit your one. Pela Case doesn’t manufacture phone covers for every type of phone yet. Some of the few phone models which supports Pela Case covers are:

Google Pixel 2, 3, 4 & 5

Samsung Galaxy S7-S12

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy A50

Huawei P20-P10

iPhone models 5-12

iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, & SE


Tips for Taking Care of Pela Cases

Just like every other case, it is important to take care of phone covers by Pela Cases as well, however, since these are made of different material, it is crucial to know. Not every Pela Case is the same when it comes to manufacturing process, material, quality, etc, that’s why every one of them has different directions to clean.

Dark & Non-Printed

If you have dark colored and non-printed cases then you must have observed that they stay clean for a longer time than most cases. But actually, it just looks clean because it shows less dust and dirt than light colored cases. You can just clean these cases with soap water and a clean sponge.

If somehow you end up staining it severely then you can easily remove it using some drops of isopropyl alcohol or nail polish remover.

Clear & Printed

If you have picked the clear and printed phone covers then you should clean it once a week with soap and water. Don’t use any brush or sponge for cleaning as it can ruin the print or blur the clear one. You should also make sure that you do not use any other substance on the covers while cleaning.


Pros and Cons

As you must know all the features and characteristics of the Pela Case, let’s analyse it based on the advantages and disadvantages of its products:


Ecological sustainability

The foremost benefit of Pela Case products is that they’re completely sustainable eco-friendly made up biodegradable material. All of their products are made in such a way that they’re not going to impact negatively in the environment.

All their cases, watch bands, grippies are plant-based because they are made of Flax shive. When you are done with the product, bury it into your backyard piles.

Even during shipping, they try to use as less plastic as possible. Moreover, the packaging boxes are also from recyclable paper.

Zero Chemical Usage

Next highlight of Pela Case is that their products are completely free from any chemical including lead, BPA or cadmium. heir products are free of BPA, phthalates, lead, or cadmium, making it completely safe to use their products.

Top Notch Designs

A variety of designs are the plus point when it comes to Pela Case products. In all of their products from phone cases to accessories, you’ll be given different types of designs and color scheme to pick from.


Pela Case phone covers are extremely light in weight which doesn’t make your phone look heavier with the cover. It also has textured surface so that your phone won’t slip.


Lastly, it is the cover that can be used for a longer run, even if you drop your phone on rough surfaces. The cover won’t get any dents, cracks, or even scratches as they have high graded material.




You can find people selling phone cases at every corner, each with lower price tag than the other. Even by keeping sustainability and different raw material in mind, Pela Case leans on a much expensive side.

Limited Phone Support

Pela Case’s covers aren’t available for every phone in the market. They have designed their covers suited for the latest and most used phones so not everyone can try it.

Color Fade

As we have mentioned earlier that the raw material used in the case is flax based that has a naturally porous quality in them. Thus, you may observe your Pela Case covers getting darker when kept in your pant’s pockets or dark colored bags for too long. The material tends to stain quickly and isn’t that easily to clean.


Pela Case Coupons & Sale

If you’re looking for opportunities to avail discounts from Pela Case then don’t miss out on their newbie offer that will save you 10% of the total purchase by signing up on their website. This is an unexpired coupon, meaning you can avail it anytime. So, before going straight up buying the case, sign up first.

Moreover, they cut off shipping as well for people who’ve spent more than $20. So, don’t let the free shipping go and shop with your friends.


Should You Invest in Eco-friendly Cases?

As we are experiencing major environmental issues including global warming, ozone depletion, pollution, and deforestation, Pela Case has taken an excellent initiative that can benefit our ecology. In terms of customer’s reviews and popularity, Pela Case is making a mark in the industry by offering high quality products with logical working mechanics.

A high ratio of customers are satisfied with the experience because of their policies and durability of products.


Wrapping Up

After this detailed review about Pela Case, we hope that all your queries related to the brand are sorted. We aimed to give you a thorough idea about the brand and what you can expect with their products. Pela Case believes in ecological sustainability which has given them the idea of creating biodegradable and compostable products that can help with the environment.

Even after deep researching the reviews and products, we can say that Pela Case has minor flaws but their vision and products are so unique that those flaws are easily neglectable. We can also say that all of their products are 100% safe to order and will look just the way it has been shown on their website. We recommend giving it a try!