5 Safety Tips for Hotel Room to Ensure Your Safety

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Are you going on a trip and want to know safety tips for hotel room? To stay safe, it’s important to take precautions when staying in hotels due to the rising number of reported incidents.

This article will give you 5 safety tips for hotel rooms to help you stay safe and avoid any dangers while you’re there. These tips are important for both business and leisure travelers.

They cover things like hotel room safety, hotel room theft prevention, emergency procedures in hotels, and other topics. Keep reading to find out how you can stay safe and worry-free during your hotel stay by making hotel room safety your main concern.

When you go on a trip for vacation or work, it’s important to make sure the hotel you stay in is safe and secure. When you stay at a hotel, you might forget things, someone might take your stuff, or you might have to leave quickly because of an emergency. Are you searching for safe hotel stays guideline? We provided some safety tips for hotel room to help you stay worry-free while staying in a hotel.


Before you book a hotel: Safety tips for hotel room

Before making a hotel reservation, it’s important to do some research on the hotel.

Research your hotel

When choosing a hotel, it’s important to consider the price and how close it is to where you want to go. However, it’s also a good idea to investigate the location. You can use Google Maps or MapQuest to know the location and check reviews from guests on TripAdvisor or

Choose a hotel that has surveillance footage when you make your reservation. Having security cameras in places like the lobby, corridors, staircases, and parking lots can discourage thieves.

Ask for the correct room.

It’s okay to ask for a particular floor because where you are in the building matters. Personal safety in hotels matters. Ensure to check for rooms on the first and second floor in your hotel safety checklist.

These areas are more likely to have crime happen. The best rooms are on the 3rd to 6th floors. There are fewer crimes on lower floors and it’s easier to flee the place in case of an emergency.


Arriving at the hotel and registering at the front desk.

Safety tips for hotel room include ensuring safety precautions for hotel guests. If you come to the hotel by bus or taxi, please wait with your luggage. Wait until the staff takes it inside the hotel lobby.

Make sure you watch your baggage, wallet, and devices carefully when you’re checking in.

Thieves might steal your belongings when you’re in a crowded lobby and not paying attention.

To see a hotel room security, you can check how they manage hotel room keys. If the hotel still uses metal keys for the guest rooms and leaves a pile of them on the front desk during checkout time, it may not be serious about your safety.

A key is on the desk, and anyone can take it. If the hotel uses digital key cards, there’s no need to worry. However, if the metal keys have the room number on them, it’s a bigger concern. This is more common in other countries.

Most hotels have business cards available at the front desk. Take at least two and place one in your pocket and one on your bedside table. By doing this, you can easily find the contact information, address, and phone number of the hotel.


Hotel room security: safety tips for hotel room

Block the door open while you inspect the space if a valet or porter was with you when you arrived at your room. Before you close the door or discharge the person who was with you, check the wardrobe, the bathroom, and the sheers.

Verify the lock’s functionality by checking it.  If the door has a deadbolt, make sure to keep it always secured when you are in the space.

For more personal safety in hotels, use a door wedge. Notably when you’re asleep or taking a shower. Since thieves may work for hotels where they have no difficulty getting spare room keys.

Before breaking into your room or harming you, some thieves may postpone their attack until they sense your presence.

Put a torch or headlamp near the bed. If there is an alarm or power outage, you can use the light to find your way around a foreign building.


5 Safety Tips for Hotel Room Stay

It isn’t that hotels aren’t safer for your stay than other types of lodging facilities. It is all about the people and other unpredictable factors that can make your entire travel go down the hill in seconds.

Although the more people travelling with you means more strength, it also means that you are putting more people’s lives at risk. There are some of the primary strategies to try out for a peaceful mind and to make the most out of your travel plans. The following are the five safety tips for hotel room as suggested by experts.

Avoid Booking a Room on Ground Floor

Regardless of what the manager says and how tired you feel, don’t try to settle in the rooms on the lower floors. This goes especially for the ground floor. Always go for a room on a higher floor but not more than the fourth floor.

You may face difficulty to reach the ground in case of fire or other accidents. Even the fire ladders don’t go any higher than the sixth floor so keep your hotel room in between.

One of the safety tips for hotel room is to skip the room that is right next to an ice machine or vending machine. The main concern isn’t only the noise. It is often a hiding spot for criminals since it’s often placed in the corner.

You should also avoid the floors having meeting rooms, restaurants, or conference rooms for non-hotel guests. They have more chances of break-ins and are extremely vulnerable.

Keep Your Door Locked

It isn’t a safety tip that you must overlook, it is important to know that you should keep your hotel room locked even if you’re away from it.

Some hotel rooms automatically lock themselves, but most of them are easy to open. So, it is important to latch it shut to ensure safety.

You can even go the extra mile by taking a portal lock and door security alarm with you to make sure that no one can break into your room.

These alarms are quite easy to find, cost-effective with simple installation and activated when someone tries to open your door with up to 120-decibel siren. It is a great gadget to scare away any intruder.

We often see hotel room doors pushed open with a pair of shoes or the swaying safety bar. So that guests may quickly let visitors in or out or return quickly with a container of ice or food. What a terrible idea it was to disregard personal safety in hotels!

Do not, ever use a door stop or prop to hold it open. If your door opens easily for you, it will open easily for a burglar.

Someone can enter your room, do what they need to do, and leave again before you even notice they were there.

Make Backup Files on Documents

The most important and the easiest to misplace things that you’ll be packing with you are the documents, specifically your ticket, hotel reservation receipt, passport, IDs, and more. Around 80% of the time travellers both solo and with family tend to lose their important documents at random spots i.e. taxi, bus, hotel, restaurants, etc. The safest way to travel with it is to keep all the documents in a fanny pack and tie it around your waist.

You need to show them at several spots abroad and keep them inside the hotel along with other luggage.

Another thing you can do is to make a digital copy of all the documents and keep it with you on your USB. Other safety tips for hotel room include cloud backup software like Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

Thus, even if you lose them, you can show them on your laptop, mobile or any computer without the fear of losing them. However, keep your initial focus not to lose them as you’ll have to face much hassle in the remaking of the originals.

Store Valuables in Hotel Safe or Personal Security System

Most people think of keeping their valuables in individual lockers and safe in their hotel room. But do you know that your valuables aren’t safe in those lockers as they can be easily invaded from the other room.

You might have seen thousands of movies depicting how criminals break into the safe. If you’re taking your electronics and jewellery with you then you should either lock them up in the hotel’s combined lockers with receipts and pictures of your items with you.

These lockers are as big as 24×20 inches in dimensions. The codes and keys will be kept with you and in case of any theft, you can claim insurance from the hotel as per policies.

Safety precautions for hotel guests may include caring for precious items.

People who are travelling alone for photography or vlogging have a wide collection of electronics with them. They must keep a safety deposit box with them available anywhere. Such things are impossible to break and open with keys and concentrated locks.

The hotel Wi-Fi is like the Wi-Fi you use at the airport, barber shop, or any other public place. It’s accessible to anyone who wants to use it. Whenever you use public Wi-Fi, like in a hotel or other public place, make sure to use a VPN (virtual private network).

Use a USB-based data blocker while charging your phone or gadgets to prevent others from stealing your data through the USB port.

Never Give Away Any Personal Info Over Hotel Phone

It is very simple for professional criminals or thieves to use your hotel’s lobby telephone. They can call the lodging from an external line and request connections with a particular room number.

At the point when you pick up the call in your room, it is directed to another line where any person can hear your conversation easily. These criminals can lure the manager or receptionist by assuring that you’re relatives. They can pay for their services on your card and can even extract your number or any personal item to irritate you in the future.

This specific trick has seen news inclusion, but individuals continue to get bulldozed. If anybody asks you for any private data via telephone professing to be from the reception, hang up right away.

Then go down to the hall face to face. Even if the call was authentic, you can best manage the issue in person. On the off chance that it was not, report it right away.


 Can a woman stay alone in a hotel safely?

Many people are now travelling alone and finding it an enjoyable experience. When you travel alone, regardless of who you are, it’s important to consider your safety.

When you travel with a crew, you are safer because you have others with you who can help watch for your belongings and observe things you might miss.

Apart from the tips mentioned earlier, here are some important tips that all solo travelers should follow:

Be aware of anyone who looks suspicious, especially if they are alone and not carrying any bags, and if they follow you onto the lift. If you can, leave and request a porter to go with you to your room.

If you can’t leave the building from the lobby, go to a different floor, and then come back to the lobby.

Always use the hotel’s main access, even if you must give the rental car to the valet. This makes sure that everyone there notices you and allows you to request someone to accompany you if you are worried about someone following you.

Make sure to check all the locks on your doors and windows each time you go into your room. These are straightforward and useful safety tips for hotel room. If you see something that is not locked. Go away now.

If you don’t want someone to disturb you, put the ‘do not disturb’ mark on your door. You must keep the lamp or media on (at a low volume). These things will make it seem like a person is in the room when you leave and discourage intruders.


Safety tips for hotel room: What to do when you go out?

Utilize the hotel’s safe to keep your valuable items secure.  This stops any undesirable persons who might enter the room from accessing it or taking anything from it. You can use the safe to store your jewelry or other valuable items. Ensure that the safe in the room has a lock with a customizable combination.

Avoid sharing your room number publicly. Often you may walk through a hotel lobby shouting your room number at the top of your lungs. “Our room is 423, right?” while heading to collect the rest of your luggage.

And the person you are hanging out with answers in the affirmative.

Please refrain from doing that. It’s hard to tell who might be listening.

Also, make sure to keep the curtains shut.

Have you ever observed that the curtains in your hotel room are open when you first enter? That is a clear indication that the room is vacant. Make sure to close them before leaving.

An advantage of this practice is that it ensures privacy, as no one can look in and see what you left for them. Additionally, in the southern region, it aids in maintaining a cool temperature in the room.

Listen to your instincts!

When you feel unsure, rely on your intuition. Sometimes you might feel a fluttery feeling in your stomach. You may hear a small voice in your head suggesting that what you’re about to do isn’t right.

Pay attention to that sound. It should always guide you correctly.



Most hotels aren’t as safe as they portray, having deep connections with criminals or thieves keeping an eye on the newly arriving guests. It is up to you to ensure the safety of your family and yourself and not to give anyone a single chance to get something from you. Keep all the doors locked, and don’t give away any personal information to anyone that can result in unwanted problems. Try to depict that you’re on your time even if you’re out exploring the city.

Don’t engage with any locals unnecessarily and always keep your family updated with your itinerary. With some simple yet effective measures, you can make the most out of any travel destination.

These safety tips for hotel room will help not only solo travelers but those traveling with families, friends, or colleagues. You can always go through these hotel room privacy tips and travel safety tips to make the most of your trip.

Personal safety in hotels is a top priority and you should always stay alert in case your luggage goes missing. If you sense the presence of an intruder or anything out of the ordinary in the room, follow emergency procedures in hotels.