What to Ask Your Lash Tech if You’re New to Eyelash Extensions

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Who doesn’t like longer lashes with dense impact? With the boosting trend of turning your face into an Instagram filter, most women are seeking eyelash extensions to make them look mesmerising without naturally. Everyone wants to wake up with a long luxurious eyelash with no mascara needed which seemed impossible back in the days. However, now you just have to visit your reliable salon and walk out with any style of eye lashes you want within an hour.

Since eyes are sensitive organs, you have to make sure that the lash artist you are consulting knows how to do her job so that they can accomplish the right look to get the most out of your appointments and to ensure they won’t harm your eye in any way. In this blog, we’ll be mentioning some essential questions to ask your lash tech if you’re new to eyelash extensions.


More About Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are semi-durable strands that are appended to your normal eyelashes to make your lash periphery look longer, more full, and hazier. Individual lash expansions are applied to every one of your singular regular eyelashes (one expansion for each normal eyelash) utilising a semi-extremely durable paste.

The material utilised fluctuates from one studio to another, yet lash expansions can be made of synthetic material, artificial mink, or silk strands. Most studios offer an assortment of expansion lengths, twist examples, and colours so clients can tweak their look.


Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

Although different types of fabric materials make up different types of eyelash, you have to go for the one that looks natural and isn’t heavy on your eyes. Since these lashes are not detachable, you have to make the right choice that you won’t regret after a day. Following are the types of eyelash extensions you can try:


For those who want a natural look can go for mink eyelash extensions. These extensions are from real mink fur and give a more natural feel when it is applied. Due to the originality of the fur, it is considered to be the most pricey eyelash.


If you’re going for a budget-friendly choice then synthetic eyelash extensions are a great deal. It is combined with synthetic material making them a bit sturdy while giving away a slightly artificial feel. Synthetic eyelashes also come in lighter material and are more durable.


Want to stylize as dramatic while being on the expensive side? Go for silk eyelash extensions. These fibres are airy, light, and appears natural while elevating your overall look.



Here are some of the basic advantages of attaching eyelash extensions:

Results Are Impeccable

With lash augmentations, you’ll awaken consistently with long, shuddering, stunning lashes. The cycle is very successful at upgrading your eyes and looks inconceivable on everybody.

Customization & Upgrade Possibility

Totally adaptable: Your look can be as regular or as sensational as you’d like, simply work with your lash craftsman to settle on the best length and twist of your augmentations.

Waterproof Quality

While you can’t get them wet in the initial 48 hours, you can in any case swim, shower, and sweat in your expansions.

Pain-less Work

The whole interaction is 100% easy for nearly everybody, beginning to end.


Questions to Ask Your Lash Tech if You’re New to Eyelash Extensions

Following are the best questions to ask you eyelash artist to ensure their authenticity and reliability:

How many years of experience do you have in the field?

Going as a beginner for eyelash extension is totally okay but it is important not to give away that impression right upfront. When going to the lash tech for the first time, you should try to dig about their experience and the successful customers they’ve been assisting. It’ll help you know more than their working process.

Does the adhesive you’re using have toxins in it?

When lash tech uses an adhesive on your eyelash, they know about the ingredients or harmful toxins added into the material. If they don’t know about the details of the adhesive they’re using, it is clearly an alarming sign. You should go for the adhesives having octyl cyanoacrylate and butyl cyanoacrylate rather than formaldehyde based adhesive that can result in irritated eyes.

What lash material do you prefer for a natural look?

The lash expansions ought to be delicate, adaptable, and light so as not to cause eye disturbance or be too weighty on the eyelid. Lash augmentations that aren’t viable with your normal lashes, such as being excessively thick or long, can make harm your regular lashes. Picking the right, excellent lashes can have a significant effect in your general fulfillment with your expansions.

How to make the lash extension durable?

On the off chance that your lash craftsman understands what she’s doing, she will have a lot of data to impart to you on the best way to really focus on your lashes. Keeping them clean is vital and you’ll need to get some information about what sort of items to utilise or not use all over and eyes with your new augmentations. Water can separate the cement inside the initial 24 hours so it’s normal for the craftsman to recommend keeping them dry that long. However, assuming they suggest never getting them wet, that may be another warning. Avoid oils close to the lashes and don’t utilise cosmetics that are challenging to eliminate, similar to waterproof mascaras. It’s likewise vital to brush the lashes in the first part of the day and night and after you shower to hold them back from getting tangled. Aftercare is critical to keep your lashes with everything looking great between fills.

What type of extension would suit me the best?

A trained, certified, and reliable lash tech would know the ups and down of extensions and those suiting your facial curves. They’ll be more than happy to help a beginner to clear their queries. As per our suggestion, try out classic lashes for a more subtle and natural feel. For those who want their lashes to outshine can go for more voluminous. The biggest advantage of going to an eyelash tech is you can try out different styles until you want the look that suits you.


Tips & Tricks

One of the major tips for this matter is not to go overboard on your first appointment. We know how glammy and over-the-top it looks on Instagram but it would be on your eyes and you are the one who has to survive with it for months if anything goes down the hill. Just start with the classic or a slightly volumed lash and when you’re comfortable enough then you can always take it a step ahead. Moreover, if you’ve chosen the right lash tech then they would know what would be more appropriate for a rookie.


Summing Up

Here it is! We’ve explained all the basics of eyelash extensions in detail and what type of extensions you should go for. This appointment is all about research because the more you dig, more creative aspects will unlock for you but you should only try what feels natural to you and within the budget you’ve specified for your lash tech.

If your eyelash extensions are properly applied then you won’t even feel a thing on your eye. It would be airy and would not weigh down your natural eyelashes. Make the right choice and you’ll be a diva.