Top 8 Adventurous Places in Asia to Explore

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For all the travel experts and enthusiasts out there, finding to explore Places in Asia with wondrous adventure experiences, there are many mesmerising activities to explore that can take your adrenaline up a notch. Asia is the largest continent in the world with rich cultures, friendly people, delicious meals, colorful surroundings and whatnot. Almost every country in Asia is loaded with many famous as well as many undiscovered places that’ll help you quench your adventurous thirst.

Whether you want to dive into the ocean blues or to rise up to mountain tops, the adventures in Asia call people who can handle what’s coming their way.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring different parts of Asia for adventurous travellers.


8 Adventurous Places in Asia

Asia welcomes every type of travel with different priorities and choices when it comes to activities. If you are into mountain climbing then the Everest base camp surrounded by the amazing landscape of Nepal is the right place to visit. If you’re in wildlife then cliff dividing in the jungles of Cebu can ensure a wild encounter for you. In short, from surfing to sandboarding, you can check your entire bucket list in this continent.

Although you can find many sorts of activities in Asia and many different regions to visit, there are some of the most famous and frequently visited adventurous sides that you should know.


Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

If you’re an adventure junky then you must know about the major spot around the globe that many visit to test their thrill. Everest Base Camp trek located in the majestic land of Nepal is one of the best mountaineering experiences. This trek  spreads far and wide up to 130 km, suspending at the elevation of 17,590 feet above sea level and going there is an experience in itself.

People who have visited the place can affirm that the trek is as beautiful and an eye opener as the Everest itself. Your journey will begin at Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal, from where you’ll reach Lukla to start the trek and up until you reach the basecamp, you’ll pass many mesmerising sights, with snow covered ground, blue sky, black and grey mountains. There’s also a village situated on those slopes being untouched by the hinges and fringes of time. You can also go through the culture and heritage of Sherpas living in the mountains for centuries.

When to Visit

Since Everest base camp trek experience varies depending on the season, you should go during the warmer times of the region from February to May and September to December.


Flight of the Gibbon in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When we had watched Tarzan for the first time, we all had this wish to jump around from one branch of the tree to another going around the forest. Now, if you’ve had the same wish then it’s going to be fulfilled with the flight of the Gibbon in the dense Chiang Mai tropical rainforest. It is the ultimate ziplining adventure around the forest going into the heart of Chiang Mai. It is said to be the Flight of Gibbons because during your journey you’ll be observing wildlife too, especially the endangered gibbons found in Thailand.

When to Visit

You can visit these rainforests from November to April as Thailand has rainy weather around half a year from May to October. You can experience this flight from 6am to 11pm


Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

Experience Travel in Asia offers a wide range of rushes and bungee bouncing at Macau Tower is more or less limit! Remaining at a stunning level of 764 feet, the Macau Tower is the most elevated of its sort in the world. Essentially let yourself tumble off the edge, in a real sense, and partake in the impression of flying as you take in 10,000 foot perspectives of the city.

To plunge into the city of glimmering lights beneath you, then you can decide to take your leap at night. The perspectives on enlightened water obscuring past your vision as you drop, add to the oddity of the experience.

When to Visit

Enjoy this fall in all seasons with a slight change in timing where you can visit the tower from 11am to 9pm in September till June, whereas in July and August the time duration is from 10am till 10pm.


Go ziplining between skyscrapers in Dubai Marina

Now you must be wondering if we’ve already mentioned ziplining in Thailand rainforest then why should I zipline again. As valid as this question is, if you love high elevated skyscrapers with lights and sparkles then Dubai is the place to go. What better way of viewing these skyscrapers than riding the longest urban zipline is the world located at the XLine Dubai Marina.

The average speed of this zipline reaches up to 80km/h from one towering building to Dubai Marina Mall, passing through the exceptional world of human skills including Cayan Towers, Princess Tower, etc. The best thing about this zipline is that you can take a friend with you to double up the enjoyment.

When to Visit

Visiting Dubai is a delight at any time of the year, however, experiencing the zipline is subjective and based on personal choice of scenery.


Cliff Jumping at Cebu, Philippines

The excitement of allowing yourself to fall really fast prior to arriving in the spouting waters is unmatched and when combined with an immaculate scenery in the Philippines, the experience turns out to be literally extraordinary. Cebu is home to a portion of the thrilling precipice plunging undertakings in Asia. The tough bluffs and stunning blue waters encompassed by thick green foliage make for some adrenaline-siphoning plunges.

When to Visit

Philippines is best to visit any time of the year, making it ideal for travelling


Cycling on Karakoram Highway

Pakistan situated in the South East part of Asia having Arabian Sea at its shore is mostly known for its northern areas. If you ever visit Pakistan and want to have a thrilling experience then there’s none better than cycling around Karakoram Highway linking Pakistan with China. You’ll see the mesmerising views and dangerous cliffs as you go by.

The highway starts from Gilgit going to the Chinese border with a length of about 168 miles. You can experience the wonders of the world with the most photographic views including Passu Comes, Attabad Lakes, Hussaini Bridge, etc. Since this highway has many different areas to explore in itself, it is highly recommended to either hitchhike or cycle your way to get the most out of your experience.

When to Visit

The ideal time to visit is from February to May and August to October.


Elevated Dinner Up in The Sky, Dubai

If you want to test your thrill then there’s no better way than by having a dining experience up in the sky. It offers you quite an unnatural dinner where you’ll be strapped in with your chair like you would in a rollercoaster and your table would be suspended around 50m above the ground where you can have a great view of the coastline.

This entire experience lasts up to an hour where you can have any meal of the day from luxurious lunch, tea, to fancy dinner. There are many flavourful and exquisite dishes in the menu along with tempting dessert options, but the part that stands out is the elevation.

When to Visit

You can visit Dinner in the Sky at SkyDive Dubai at any time of the year. Most people prefer visiting during afternoon tea to have an experience of sunset and Dubai night-lights.


Hot Air Balloon Over Cappadocia In Turkey

Do you want to experience how it feels like flying in the sky, letting the air touch your soul while you roam freely? Try out the colorful and adventurous flight over Cappadocia via hot air balloons in Turkey. It is one of the most wholesome activities you can enjoy in Asia when you can see the world with an actual bird’s eye view below your feet. You’ll be floating around looking at the 360° sight of this historic and dewey city for around an hour. As the fairy chimney is the popular culture found on top of every house in Cappadocia, you’ll be able to see a clearer view from top. This flight experience due to its beauty and color admire most couples visiting Turkey as well as adventure travellers looking for an adrenaline boost.

When to Visit

You can visit Cappadocia anytime of the year, the best time to experience the hot air balloon is at early dawn or during dusk when you can see the mesmerising sunrise or sunset.


Summing up

From climbing to diving, surfing to sandboarding, swimming to flying, and much more, Asia gives you the ultimate experience of the adventure traveller along with the hospitality from people and comfort from delicious food. This continent has many different places to visit and activities to try which are worth enjoying at least once in your entire lifetime.