Style your Home with Pier 1 Furniture & Accessories

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Do you want to revamp your home with quality products? Are you afraid of trying online furniture brands? Have you heard about Pier 1 furniture? Home improvement is all about replacing, adding or minimizing the furniture with better quality and outlook. Each of the Pier 1 furniture is manufactured with care taking in view all the top grading standards.

Furniture and related accessories are the essence of the home decor, home improvement, and furnishing industry that is responsible for the manufacturing, promotion, logistics, distribution, wholesale, and retail of major household essentials, decoration items, electronics, appliances, gardening tools, even cookware, and utensils.

Most interior decoration projects hit you hard with their bills costing hundreds of thousands in your pocket. As per average statistics held in 2019, an average of all the furniture sales in the US cost was approximately $114.5 billion.

However, later on even with such high prices they don’t even get the products that can mesmerise the guests or offer them luxury and comfort. In this review we’re going to assess Pier 1 whether it can live up to our expectations.


About Pier 1

Before compiling this review, we’ve held a detailed research about different brands that you can opt for your next renovation. Amongst them, Pier 1 caught our eye claiming that extravagant material that can give a complete new outlook to your ordinary home without costing much.

Pier 1 has been working since 1962 to offer excellence and commitment dedicated to customer’s demands and need for products that scream one of a kind reflecting high quality materials used in manufacturing. The main aim of this brand is to offer its customers with the home furniture and accessories without breaking their banks. Pier 1 believes in living with the trends where their collections constantly evolve with the latest trend.

The brand is completely woke of all the social morals and values that’s what motivates them to run the business based on integrity and reliability. Our team of experts are committed and passionate individuals who prioritize their work and their customers before anyone else.

From initial stages of manufacturing to reaching the display, Pier 1 and their team think of making the journey interesting and calming for everyone. Moreover, buyers from all around the world import the products for home improvement projects. They don’t just randomly pick every product, instead the quality assurance committee ensures only the availability of solid, dedicated, and classy.

According to trends and the product team working in Pier 1, predicting designs depending on the latest trends can drive a huge ratio of customers. You’ll find their website completely easy to follow with several combinations and ideas.

The brand offers an extensive way to deliver your essentials to your home with many discounts and sales every day, making every purchase easy and affordable. As per our analysis, Pier 1 is ideal for people who are looking for extravagant and unique products but at a distinctively low price range.


What Makes Pier 1 Stand Out?

There are many different stores working both online and outlet based working from all around the world, however, some prime choices make Pier 1 stand out among all of them. Following are the aspects that increases accessibility for users and outshines from others:

Value For Money

Pier 1 is a brand that knows how to make every purchase beneficial for their customers. We can evidently say that all the time spent on assessing their line up was completely worth it based on their widespread and quality. We have found all the best materials used in manufacturing from wood to metal and adhesives to fabric that completely fulfills the price tag. Moreover, you can also filter your prices to find luxurious pieces at a relatively low price.


When it comes to ordering products, Pier 1 has made it simpler than ever. If you know and approve their manufacturing process and quality then you don’t even have to go to their physical outlets instead just either call or go to their official website. The website is user-friendly in which the navigation and options are kept plain so that even a beginner can run it.

Another advantage of choosing the website for orders can be that they provide many offers and discounts related to every collection. Once you’ve placed the order, Pier 1 lets you choose among different ways of delivery giving you the ease of use.

Product Information

During our research, we’ve also come across the information that regardless of the size or pricing of the products, Pier 1 mentioned all the material and dimensions of the product on the description piece. You’ll also be given washing and cleaning guidelines so that you would know how to handle every piece.

Moreover, you’ll be given a detailed manual listing all the necessary information about assembling and even the blogs on their website suggesting what you can do with that product and how you can make it useful.

Payment Options

Another promising aspect of Pier 1 is that they offer different payment options so that you don’t have to stick with your old rusted furniture just because of the payment issue. They offer purchases through MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc. Pier 1 also offers their exclusive reward credit cards with scores based on the purchase.


Pier 1 Furniture & Accessories to Renovate Your Home

Most of the customers go to Pier 1 for their furniture and household decor needs due to their transitions in designs, style, benefit, usage, versatility, and quality. You can find major home improvement magazines and websites featuring the brand because of the impact they’ve brought. It has become one of the well known and reputable brands with its wide variety of products, pure materials, and exclusive architecture.

Some of the high-end products by Pier 1 are mentioned below:

Pier 1 Candles

We all know that smells and scents play a major role in building up your memories. Candles are a new norm of every household bringing a sanctity, peaceful and calming environment within your interiors. There are many different options for the scents within the candles ranging from food items, wood, flowers, and fruits.

Pier 1 claims that once you lit one of them up you’ll find yourself going to the place where the scents must have originated. You can gift it to your special someone or place it in your main room for your guest to enjoy. Pier 1 introduces new scents every month with exclusives in holidays.

So, whether you improvise your ambiance into welcoming warmth or want to set a mood for the perfectly fragrant home then Pier 1 must have the right one as per your taste.

What We Like The Best

As per our experience, night blooming jasmine and Island Orchard gives a new feel to the room while widening up the space.

Pier 1 Lantern

Give your outdoors and indoors a vintage feel with traditional lantern designs matching your interiors and giving it a new sense of style and classy. If your house has some vintage furniture then you’ll find it suiting right at the last spot of the puzzle, completing the picture. You can either light up your hallway or give your balconies a rustic feel with Pier 1 lanterns. These lanterns are covered with traditional metal as well high grade materials as well as wood too.

What We Like The Best

We loved white Luminara lantern which comes in 10 pieces to place on either side of your entryway or hallway to give a more welcoming feel. Moreover, for indoors, you can pick the bronze contemporary candle lantern to add more class to your interiors.

Pier 1 Chair

Chairs are the essential component of completing your office furniture or the dining room. Pier 1 offers different kinds of chairs from where you can choose your ideal chair that gives a comfortable rest to ease your back.

You can enjoy your delicious meal while chilling out with your friends and family with the perfect dining chair set. Whether you want to base it on theme or designs, Pier 1 has a set suiting every home and economic needs. We have a wide variety of wooden, leather based, and wicker chairs that look the best with every shape and style of table.

Whereas if you are looking for a classy, comfortable, and ergonomic chair for your office to reduce your back pain then Pier 1 is the best place to find one. It is all about comfort and with the material they choose comfort is a must with their desk chair collection.

They also offer outdoor chairs i.e patio that improvise your outlook sitting experience giving you a luxurious feel even when you’re out.

The chairs they offer turn every space into a relatively spacious and classy area with cozy seating where families can sit, relax, and chat.

What We Like The Best

Our best picks from the chair collection are Papasan Chair and Gas Lift Accessible Swivel ideal for dining rooms and as office furniture.

Pier 1 Table

If you want to transform your rustic home into a stylish and classy area then adding a bradding table can improvise every space giving it more room for relaxing and widens the area too. Pier 1 more than 100 different styles and designs of bradding tables. From our detailed research, we can say that among many different furniture brands, the bradding table considering quality, manufacturing materials, and procedure is the best.

You’ll find each table having a detailed finish with a unique structure that can add dimensions to every room with tightly packed legs and components.

What We Like The Best

Our highlighted picks from the table collection would be Modesto Reclaimed Coffee Table and Bradding Large Coffee Table.

Pier 1 Sofa

Sofas and couches are the essence of every cozy room where you need to relax with your family while watching a movie marathon or chill with your friends on a game night. The sofa you’re adding to your furniture list must be integrated with quality but also with comfort which can bring warmth to your living room.

You’ll find your right sofa on every price tag and structure, ranging from single person to seven-seater set. You can avail different discounts especially on sofa collections to get the best at cheap prices.

What We Like The Best

When it comes to comfort and class, Zadie Button Tufted Chesterfield Sofa and Aaryan Linen Button Tufted Chaise Lounge took a prominent lead.

Pier 1 Room Spray

When it comes to home fragrance, it is essential we add a touch of class and an essence of warmth to our home’s interiors. With a wide variety of room spray collections, Pier 1 stands out with each fragrance that gives your place a pleasing scent instead of it smelling like furniture or carpets. As per our experience, the scents based on flowers works the best on every interior to give it a nice and lasting scent.

What We Like The Best

Among a whopping range of room sprays, we have loved Mongolia Bloom and Lavender scents the best.

Pier 1 Bed

A home is incomplete without a comfortable and cozy bed and beddings. Pier 1 offers a unique collection of many queen, king, twin, and single beds with their headboard, beddings, and other accessories. Regardless of the style and structure of your interiors, you’re definitely going to find the right bed that can offer you a good night sleep and wake you all cheered up. You can search from the one matching with the aesthetics of your home from tufted to upholstered and wooden beds.

What We Like The Best

In the bed section, our eyes were fixed on Emmie Diamond Tufted Adjustable Upholstered Headboard and Melody Twin to King Extendable with Storage collection.

Other Products

Other than these mentioned products, Pier 1 collections have spread across many different categories ranging from furniture to fragrances. You’ll also find shelves, bookcases, cube waves, vanity mirrors, and much more. This brand is focused on offering personalized products giving you the best ideas to style your new or existing home or to gift someone.

Strengths and weaknesses of Pier1

No particular brand is perfect for our all needs. Some brands fulfill our significant needs while other minors. In our reviews of Pier 1, whatever you have read may have projected a positive image in your eyes or maybe not. However, below we will discuss all the strengths or weaknesses that we experienced. It will let you create a better perspective regarding the purchase of your next home improvement project, indeed.


Things to Consider Before Buying from Pier 1

When making any purchase it is a must to check a few things just before jumping to any of the products. Some of those aspects are listed as follows:

Product quality

The biggest issue with the online store is that you have to take a leap of faith before trusting them. Many stores lie about the right size or claim something is big enough but sending the scammed version.

However, since home improvement is a broader domain and you’ll have to spend big bucks just to test the quality. We have checked it for you suggesting that the products offered by Pier 1 are completely foolproof without any compromise on either quality or size of products.

From beds and beddings to couch and dining, you have got every room of the house covered with Pier 1.

Customer Support

The uprise or downfall of every brand depends on their customer service as it plays an integral role in attracting as well as repelling the traffic from their responses. Pier 1 has a well versed customer service department where each of their representatives are trained to maintain customer relationships.

We had a first hand experience with the service representatives about a query and we were completely satisfied with the treatment of the customer service team. Each member of the team puts in the efforts to make the experience better for their customers.

You can find a bunch of reviews about Pier 1 where customers are praising the representatives for their cooperation and resolving their queries without delay. Many of them have specifically mentioned the names of team members which confirms their professionalism.

Return Policy

Another promising thing about Pier 1 is its return policy where the team is very generous so if you’re associated with them then there is no chance that you won’t get benefitted from their lenient policies. They have the policy of returning and exchanging any piece of furniture after two to three months of usage with a genuine problem and proof of purchase.

The only time they have kept their policies a bit strict is during COVID when they did extra care before returning or exchanging. Other than that they won’t change you any extra cost, accepting it readily

Price Adjustment

We admit that we like bargaining. Everyone does! And fortunately, after our Pier 1 reviews, we found that you can disengage with Pier 1 Imports price adjustment. If an item goes down in price after you`ve bought it, you can request the price correction within 14 days after the original purchase.

Pier 1 Coupons

Pier 1 is known and loved for different offers and coupons running almost all year round. You’ll find different online discount codes as well as promo codes with the celebrities linked to brands which you can easily redeem at different parts of the world. The store also offers major concessions for people having Pier 1 credit card for items within designated home decor categories.


The best part of placing any order is the happiness that it’s going to be delivered to you soon. Pier 1 knows how important it is for you to get your products on time, thus they’ll give you timely delivery without costing extra. The only drawback is that they’ll cost you according to the size or item you’re purchasing. There won’t be any free shipping facility, however, Pier 1 gives discount codes for shipping as well.


Why We Recommend It?

Pier 1 is on our list of recommendations when it comes to high quality home decor and home improvement projects as it offers high quality and hefty manufacturing products on a low budget. If you’re unsure about the quality then you can even go to their physical outlet to see the real deal.

The customer support they’re offering is beyond anyone’s expecting easing your path from delivery to adjusting the furniture. Pier 1 gives their clients extra discounts and offers to get the most out of every product. They also offer price adjustment policies allowing you to get good rates on your products and genuine return policy.


Why We Don’t Recommend

You may have to face some warranty issues once you buy items from the store so read the fine print carefully. You won’t be able to get any foreign goods in any of the categories as all furniture is made in the US. Shipping is costly but you can go to the outlet yourself to pick your products.



As we have reached the end of this review, we would like to mention that Pier 1 is undoubtedly a trustworthy brand having significant ordeal in terms of products. The brand is completely genuine having an easy to use website and over 1000 physical outlets. You’ll find different types of customers positively mentioning the brand except for their costly shipping and warranty issues. According to our analysis, this store is a must to visit for your next hefty purchase.