Guide for When to take Protein Powder

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Most people, especially teenagers who just step into the gym, usually go and grab the biggest pack or container of protein powder available in the supermarket. In such a start, they don’t even know when to take protein powder, they just think of it as a magical substance that can immediately puff up their biceps and sharpen their abs. Such people have made protein powder and other supplements, the most popular and the most essential ingredients to stay fit in their lives.

Every person uses it for different reasons, some consume it to gain muscle, others take it to lose weight but not everybody knows the correct time of when to take protein powder. Only the wise ones use it in a considerable amount as suggested by doctors to maintain the protein intake for improving the overall health and wellness of their body. However, not everyone is aware of the right hours or the suited time for protein consumption.

Although you can increase protein level within your body by increasing chicken, vegetables, grains and pulses consumption in your diet. However, due to any certain reason you’re unable to do so, then you can incorporate a decent amount of protein powder as a replacement. In this blog, we’ll be discussing different aspects for taking protein powder.


Why is Protein Necessary

Before getting to know how to take in protein powder, we should first be clear about why we are consuming it. Protein is the building element of a human body needed to maintain the balance within the body and to ensure activeness. It is the essential nutrient needed by the body for building, repairing, and maintaining the tissues so that in case of any accident, if your protein level is considerable then your broken tissue would be sustained quite easily.

Different chains of amino acids are present in the protein out of which nine of them are labelled as necessity or essential because these amino acids can’t be created by the body on its own.

Let’s count the average intake of protein recommended by scientific researchers that every day you have to take at least 0.75g of protein per kilo of your bodyweight. For those who don’t eat animal-based products, protein powder is the great replacement that can fill up all the gaps that have been created by lack of nutrients. The most highlighted point of all is that protein powder isn’t only for people who go to gym or do workout.

Different Types of Protein Powder

Whenever you have heard of integral nutrients for the human body, protein may have come on the top of the list. Most nutritionists and food group experts consider it as the primary nutrient that plays significant roles in your body. It also helps in reducing chances of getting infected by any viral illness or any major disease.

Naturally, you can find protein in many commonly found and eaten food items belonging to different food groups including meat, fish, grains, legumes, seeds, eggs, and other dairy products.

Following are some of the most used and frequently needed protein powder used to stay fit and maintained:


It is the most frequently opted protein powder of all time. It is solely a dairy enriched protein not suitable for lactose intolerant people. However, the powder has all the necessary amino acids which readily activate in your body to increase muscle activity muscles. This type of powder is quick to dissolve.


Next is Casein which is also used when you can’t take in dairy items in your daily life. It also eliminates chances of protein deficiency in your body. It also has all the necessary amino acids, however, it is rather slow when it comes to absorbability.


How is it possible that we’re talking about protein powder and we couldn’t count vegan protein powders. It is a plant-based vegan protein product having all the necessary amino acids integral for your body. You can find numerous health benefits by consuming plant-based protein.


Another type is known as pea protein which is also a vegan based protein aiming to fill the holes of eating less vegetables. You’ll find a secondary type of amino acid present in this protein powder which aren’t that much essential i.e methionine and cysteine.


Rice protein is another plant incorporated protein having a different second grade of integral amino acid known as lysine.

Hemp protein

Lastly, the hemp protein which is also based solely on plants especially the hemp seeds. It can fill your body with different high quality essential fibre. This type of protein is for people who need a short boost of protein after some time being low in amino acid lysine.

If you want to increase your protein intake then protein powder and supplements can be a great way that you can even drink while being on a commute. It is also quite easy to consume by simply mixing it with water, milk, or any of your desired liquid.

It is quite an easy and convenient way of taking in any food item packed with so much flavor. Protein powder also comes in different varieties of flavours and many of the juice and beverage manufacturers have made the supplement into drinkable juice and shakes.


When to take protein powder

Different people have to take different forms of protein powder in different ways. We’ll be mentioning to you the right time and other elements to consider before consuming protein powder.

Losing Weight

There are some people willing to lose weight and have joined a gym with a workout plan integrated in their schedule but they want to include protein powder in their diet. For them the best timing could be in the morning as protein is one of the essential ingredients when it comes to weight loss or fat reduction.

You must start your day with protein enriched food that can kickstart your metabolism which keeps your stomach cycle up and running, resulting in you being active and energetic all day. The major aspects of protein intake in the morning is that it minimizes your appetite for the entire day and you’ll feel less hungry thus not wanting to eat which is caused by the reduction in hunger hormones known as ghrelin.

You’ll find themselves all perky and quirky as it increases the inhibiting hormones including cholecystokinin, peptide 1 and peptides YY.

So, if you’re on your weight loss journey then you can achieve it by only sticking to the protein only diet resulting in you eating much less calories throughout the day.

Gaining Muscles

Next, if you’re looking to gain some muscles and focus on building your strength and mass then as compared to weight loss you’ll have to pick a different time to take in protein shake.

When you lift weight or do any continuous workout, the protein present in your body tends to break down as the protein you consume goes directly to your muscles. For this purpose, it is important that you double up your protein intake which means incorporating protein powder in your diet.

You have to drink at least two to three scopes full of protein powder within the two hours of your workout. The time isn’t fixed for this matter, whenever you work out you need to drink protein shake afterwards. For muscle building, it is advised by most professionals to drink at night around the time of your exercise session.


Lastly, the aspect that most people undermine to consider is the age limit. As you get old, the metabolism tends to get slower and workout strength loosens. Thus, it is quite different to decide on your own at what time you can drink your protein powder.

As per a research, protein is highly appropriate to consume before going to bed at night as it can give the most advantage to your body while you sleep. As you know that muscle tissues change their shape according to age, by consuming the protein shake at like, it can be appropriately digested and absorbed by all parts of the body, mainly the muscles.

It has also emphasised that people having 30 or above age need to include any kind of protein shake in their night time routine. The range doesn’t limit to 30 of course but people in that age group need to be more careful about their fitness. According to a study held in an Arizona laboratory confirmed that taking in proteins before sleep can influence your body in a positive form so much so that you’re energetic even the next morning with resting metabolic rate.


What Type of Protein Powder Should You Take

People from every age group, weight, and height can easily take protein supplements, whether you’re an athlete or a performer that plays football to golf or tennis players and dancers as well as stage performers as well. As we all know, most of our body part especially muscles, are damaged in one way or another either by walking so much or lifting weights, especially while training in the gym. Protein can immediately resolve those damage giving extra tissues to muscles.

The only thing that matters here is which raw material is used to make what type of protein powder. Aside from the vegan choices, which are made of different types of seeds, most of the protein powder is made of whey, available in three different forms, which is known as a by-product we found in the manufacturing of cheese. Here are the four most abundantly used type of protein powder:

Whey Concentrate

One of the most casual forms of whey protein powder is the concentrate whey, which is known as the cheapest form according to most nutritionists. When further broken down, this powder contains low cholesterol and sodium levels but intensity of protein can range from 40% to 90% depending on which brand you’re opting for. If you want to gain muscles then whey concentrate is ideal for you having high amount of protein.

Whey Isolate

Another type of whey is a more refined type known as isolate which can be on a pricey side. Since it has undergone through the procedure of refining, all the fat content and lactose compounds have been removed from it. Most nutritionists termed this type of whey protein as the purest form having more than 90% of protein present.

Whey Hydrolysate

Another form of whey protein is when it has undergone the process of hydrolysate which means a sufficient amount of water has been added to break it down into small building blocks that means protein intensity will still be more than 90%, yet, the advantage here is that you body will be able to absorb the protein more easily and quickly. You’ll find this type of whey protein on the pricey side.

Vegan Protein Powder

The last type of protein powder which involves popular types of seeds incorporated in it is vegan protein. It is popularly made up of hemp, soy, and pea, while there are many other types of vegan protein powders as well. Although you will find a lesser quantity of protein in this type of protein powder, still getting the highest quality. It contains all the nine essential amino acids, incorporating at least two different sources of protein.


5 Different Brands of Protein Powder

Although there are many popular brands that offer high quality protein powder, even amongst them some brands stand out. Following are some of the reliable protein powder brands that you must try:

NOW Sports Egg White Protein

While whey is one of the most famous sorts of protein powder, it’s not by any means the only choice. Egg white protein powders are an incredible option for individuals who need or need to keep away from dairy items.

NOW Sports Egg White Protein is an extraordinary choice in the event that you’re keen on an egg white protein powder. It has a generally short fixing list and is outsider tried by various athletic and sports franchises, guaranteeing great fixings that are liberated from prohibited substances.

Flavors: rich chocolate, smooth vanilla, unflavored

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

For those hoping to restrict their everyday carb admission, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100 percent Whey is perhaps of the most ideal choice.

The protein powder gives a similar great whey protein separate as other protein powders, yet with only 2-4 grams of carbs per serving, contingent upon the flavor you pick. Furthermore, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein is created in a CGMP-ensured office and is Informed Choice guaranteed.

The item additionally has in excess of 83,000 for the most part sure surveys, with fulfilled clients valuing its extraordinary taste and low sugar content.

Flavors: banana cream, chocolate coconut, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate malt, chocolate mint, espresso, tasty strawberry, twofold rich chocolate, French vanilla, rough street, strawberry banana, white chocolate, unflavored

MomentousEssential Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Momentous Essential is our pick for the best whey protein powder thanks to its great fixings and thorough quality testing. In particular, the powder contains whey separate obtained from milk created by grass-took care of cows.

Whey disengage contains over 90% protein by weight and is somewhat low in lactose, while whey concentrate contains 25-89% protein and more lactose. The powder additionally incorporates a compound mix that the organization claims works on the assimilation of protein and lessen stomach upset, however research doesn’t as of now support these cases.

It is outsider tried and is both NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Sport Certified, and that implies it’s a decent choice for cutthroat competitors. It’s likewise ensured sans gluten.

Flavors: vanilla, chocolate

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Sport Protein Powder

The whey protein utilized in this protein powder from Garden of Life comes from Truly Grass Fed, an animal government assistance amicable and 95% grass-took care of dairy ranch in Ireland.

Grass-took care of dairy has been demonstrated to be higher in specific advantageous supplements, like omega-3 unsaturated fats and formed linoleic corrosive, contrasted and ordinary dairy. This Grass-Fed Organic Whey Protein is affirmed natural, liberated from hereditarily changed organic entities (GMOs), and outsider confirmed by both NSF International and Informed Choice, guaranteeing that it’s liberated from prohibited substances.

Also, the protein powder packs 2 billion settlement framing units (CFUs) of probiotics, which might be beneficial for stomach wellbeing in certain people. It’s vital to take note that this protein powder contains erythritol, a sugar liquor that might cause stomach upset in certain individuals whenever consumed in huge sums.

Flavors: vanilla, chocolate


Healthiest Protein Powder to Drink

Most food experts are skeptical about any certain protein powder being healthier than others. Any protein powder will be preferable to drink in case of allergies, lactose intolerance, and other issues. In these types of problems, vegan protein powders are an appropriate option having a short list of ingredients.

People aren’t always very sure about the daily intake of protein shakes. To them the solution is to not be completely dependent on the protein powder for your entire protein consumption. You can use many natural sources as well. However, there is no harm in consuming protein powder daily. Most people either add it with their daily fruit smoothies or combine it with their breakfast oats and porridge.


Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Calorie control is a colossal piece of any health improvement plan and protein shakes can help as a low-calorie nibble, consuming sufficient protein can assist with diminishing muscle wastage and guarantee that the weight you are losing is fat and not muscle.

With its higher protein rate, whey disengage might be your smartest option. On the off chance that you’re eating in a calorie shortfall, it will assist with giving you high protein content while eliminating pointless additional items.


Best Protein Powder for Gaining Muscles

Mass gainer’ protein powders might appear to be the undeniable decision for those needing to construct muscle. Anyway these contain a greater number of calories from fat and carb than they do from whey seclude and focus. While these may assist with expanding mass, it is undoubtedly the increment will come from fat as opposed to muscle.

So what’s ideal? As building muscle requires obstruction preparing, adequate protein and a little calorie excess. In principle, any kind of protein powder can be utilized to support protein consumption, yet a protein powder with added creatine might assist with expanding preparation execution and consequently gains.


Vegan VS Whey

Most people have developed a wrong mindset suggesting that vegan protein powders are better than whey. However, it should be clear that both work the same for people with no allergies or diseases. The only difference it makes is when you’re either allergic to dairy consumption or you are abiding by a vegan lifestyle. Whey has its own benefits due to the high amount of ingredients present in it while vegan protein has its own benefits. All you have to aim your focus on is choosing the right quality of protein powder.