Tips on How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like

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Welcome to our guide on how to stay motivated even when you don’t feel like it. Staying motivated is essential for achieving our goals and realizing our dreams, but it’s not always easy, especially when facing obstacles and setbacks. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of effective tips and techniques to help you stay motivated and focused. Whether you’re struggling with motivation at work, in your personal life, or during difficult times, our expert advice will provide you with practical solutions and actionable insights. So, let’s dive in and explore ways to stay motivated.

There may be times when it’s raining outside but your bed is feeling cozier than ever making you lazy. You don’t feel like going out to jog, walk, or exercise. Most psychologists call this period the duration where your “get-up-and-go” element of the brain sleeps or abandons you.

However, you need consistency especially when you want to get your body in shape. Your entire life should revolve around doing the workout routine every day. You must push yourself to the final step with no leaves unturned and always keep yourself motivated. Here are some of the tips to stay motivated that can initiate instant motivation in your body.


What is Motivation?

Motivation is the thing that makes you want to achieve something, wakes you up in the morning, and helps you keep going even when things are difficult. It is either good or bad. How to stay motivated also depends on two kinds of motivations:

Positive motivations are reasons that make you feel good about doing something. They help you focus on the good things that will happen when you take action. Completing this task will bring you closer to the goal.

Negative motivations are when you think about the bad things that will happen if you don’t do something. “If I don’t complete this task soon, I will not pass my class.”

Both negative and positive motivations can work well in different situations. It’s simpler to do a thing because you want to do it, instead of doing it just to avoid a negative consequence. If you don’t have a good plan, using negative motivation may cause you feel like you can’t do anything and might make you less motivated.


Why is staying motivated Important?

How to stay motivated and why is it important? Well, when you motivate yourself, you can achieve your goals. To have self-motivation, you need a strong interest in your life and a wish to do well.

Motivating yourself is an important skill that helps you make the most of new opportunities even when things don’t go as planned.

Being self-motivated means you don’t need to rely on others for motivation. Self-motivation is important for a happy and productive career and personal life. There are many reasons why.

It helps you achieve goals

Setting goals is the initial step towards fulfilling your goals. So, you need motivation to keep working towards your goals.

Encouraging yourself helps you stay focused on reaching your own objectives. People who are motivated really want to make their lives better.

Motivation helps people succeed by encouraging them to make changes. Motivation helps you set clear goals, so you know what you want to achieve.

Makes you work efficiently.

People who are motivated do better at their occupations, and motivation affects how much work they can get done.

Psychology Today says that if you want to be successful, you need to be motivated and perform well. Motivation is the most important factor in predicting success.

If you know what motivates you, you can achieve professional or personal goals more quickly.

Improve your self-assurance.

When you feel motivated, you become more confident and think good. When you have problems, self-motivation helps you keep trying to solve them instead of giving up.

Brings you joy

If you keep encouraging yourself, you can reach your objectives. Achieving your goals brings happiness and a sense of satisfaction.

When you feel sad or discouraged about the tasks you need to complete, think about what you want to achieve in the end. Feeling motivated and accomplishing new goals can bring you a lot of happiness.

More Commitment

If you are motivated, you can choose whether or not you enjoy your job. When your employees are committed, they will do their best work. Commitment also helps them to complete tasks with energy.

Surround yourself with positivity.

It is often difficult to stay positive, but you should make an effort to do so. Believing in positive things can make it easier for you to deal with tough situations.

If not, you may feel hopeless and demotivated. To avoid feeling bad, make good habits and think good.


Tips: How to stay motivated for Workout to Get You on Track

Everyone has different points of inspiration and different areas of motivation, a thing that can motivate one person doesn’t necessarily motivate the other. The following are some common tips on how to stay motivated in life that may help you to leave bed.

Motivation is what makes us do things, but it’s not always easy to keep it going. Learn how to stay motivated and get advice on what to do if you’re struggling to get started.


Add Spice to Your Boring Routine

How to stay motivated with your fitness? Maintaining motivation is challenging, especially when you don’t see immediate results. However, by incorporating some practical tips and techniques, you can stay motivated and get back on track to achieve your fitness goals.

Doing the same thing over and over again can make it hard to stay motivated. If you do the same workout routine for a long time, it can get boring and make you want to stop exercising regularly.

When you like the process of achieving your goals even a little bit, it’s easier to stay committed to them.

To make your work out routine more interesting, change it often. Add different exercises and rest from the ones you often do. Any effective workout routine can help you achieve your fitness goals as long as you are burning calories.

Changing your routine is good for both your physical and mental health.

Breaks Are Essential for Workout Motivation

If you find the thought of a 30-minute workout overwhelming, why not break up your exercise sessions? Doing so will help in staying motivated to exercise and boost your productivity. It will help you stave off health woes. A 10-minute walk three times per day gets you your recommended allowance of activity the same as spending a half-hour on the elliptical.

You can even squeeze in exercise at your work desk. While seated, perform calf raises and ankle rotations to get the blood flowing in your legs and prevent varicose veins. Perform a few shoulder rolls to ease upper back tension. You can also do a seated cat-cow by placing your hands on your lap and alternatively rounding and extending your spine. This move can help alleviate back pain.

Self-Care & Self Treating

Rewarding yourself after a workout is a great way to stay motivated. This is something as simple as enjoying a healthy snack or treating yourself to a massage or a new workout outfit. The key is to make your reward something that you enjoy and look forward to. It can help keep you motivated and committed to your fitness goals.

Most of us just think of transforming our bodies fast but when things take time, we go hard on ourselves. This results in leaving the workout routine and being a lazy person. The primary rule of workout is if you’re going hard on yourself like working out for hours then you should cut some slack in the diet. Give yourself access to a little amount of your favorite food. If you’re going consistently to the gym, then you must buy yourself new gym clothing and essentials to treat yourself.

These treats will help you know how to stay motivated and positive. So grab that fitness watch or smartwatch you’ve been thinking of buying and you’ll see yourself getting more consistent than ever. A healthy shopping haul can help you stay motivated and help you make healthy choices.

Give A Call to Your Motivator

For most people, there is a special person out there they can talk to. they feel cheered up and motivated. These motivators can be your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers, etc. They’ll give you a new perspective to think about and cheer you up in a different manner. Take their advice and then start your day fresh with new energy and motivation. You can even go out and meet them.

Some gym enthusiasts also suggest talking to your trainer at the gym when you feel less motivated as they are trained to draw people inside the gym. So, they’ll give you such a boost that’ll give you a hard time stopping.

Set A Short-Term Target for Yourself

Setting realistic goals is the first step towards staying motivated. Instead of setting lofty and unattainable goals, start small and gradually increase your targets. For instance, if you’ve never exercised before, start with 10-15 minutes of exercise a day, and slowly build up to 30 minutes or an hour. This way, you’ll feel accomplished and motivated as you see yourself achieving your goals.

Another way to stay motivated for a workout is to give yourself some target that you can achieve within some months. Like getting into shape till summer, losing five stones till your birthday and so on. So, whenever you think about your target, your mind will find ways to stay motivated and productive. It’ll also give your mind something to move with.

Goal Setting

Many studies show that setting goals is very important. Research found that salespeople who have goals sell more. People who commit to exercising every day are more likely to improve their fitness.

Having specific goals like getting 10 new clients every month or walking 10,000 steps daily is more effective than having vague goals like doing your best. When setting goals for yourself or agreeing to goals with others, it’s important to make them specific.

Goals should inspire you from within, instead of relying on external rewards. When you do something because you enjoy it, that’s called intrinsic motivation. When you do something because you want to get a reward or avoid getting in trouble, that’s called extrinsic motivation.

Naturally, we will continue to work on even the most difficult assignments if the external reward is adequate. A severe instance would be chemotherapy. In the workplace, a lot of people continue working because they need the money.

However, they only take the necessary steps to achieve the objective in such circumstances. It’s improbable that extrinsic incentive will help us excel on its own.

The secret is to concentrate on the parts of your profession that you do enjoy.

Consider a Trainer

Exercising on your own can get quite daunting and less pleasing after some time. Even if you set goals, you tend to slack off unless you have remarkable dedication and direction. So, maintaining motivation at times like these when your fitness fever seems to lift off, you can consider professionals to motivate you.

There are many trainers online, at gyms, and offer home-based services that can help you in Staying motivated during difficult times. Moreover, you’re going to spend some money on them so that part will also bother you if you don’t participate. They’ll offer a personalized regimen and tell you how to stay motivated to achieve your goals easily. This way you can avoid any health problems or injuries during workouts.


Rewards Are the Biggest Motivators

Everyone has their factor of getting out of bed and feeling motivated. Some are motivated by other people while others need something to tempt them like a reward or a promise. Even in this category, there are two scenarios. Some people are just attracted by the benefits of exercise in terms of the reduction of diseases, but others need something more. As per your usual routine, you can set a reward based on your weekly or daily cycle.

It is one of the ways to motivate yourself. Moreover, if losing weight is the objective then you should plan a day every weekend, where you can cheat to stay motivated to work out.

Almost everyone has some blue days in which they don’t simply want to get up or start working. They just want to relax and lie down without anyone bothering them. On such days, your objective should be not to push yourself too hard. Instead, you can use it for treating yourself and giving yourself the time to find your own pace. Implement the ways suggested above to boost your recovery and get back your motivation.

Staying motivated for your workout routine is challenging, but with the right mindset and strategies, it’s achievable. By setting realistic goals, finding a workout buddy, and mixing up your routine you can know how to stay motivated. Also, by rewarding yourself, creating a workout schedule, visualizing your success, and getting enough rest and recovery, you could achieve your fitness goals. Remember to stay positive and enjoy the journey.


Continue making progress.

How to stay motivated requires achieving something. When people are trying to achieve something, they usually start with a lot of motivation. But later they lose steam, which can cause them to get stuck. In a study, it was found that Jews who follow their religion closely were more likely to use a candle on the first and last nights of Hanukkah compared to the other six evenings.

Given that the custom is to light candles for eight days in a row. In a different test, people who were cutting shapes out of paper had cut more corners during the middle of the task compared to the beginning and end.

Another way to make move is to change how you think about the progress you made so far. When we feel like we’re making progress towards our goal, we tend to work harder to reach it. People who are part of loyalty programmes usually spend more money when they are close to getting a reward.

You can use this habit to benefit you by considering an earlier starting point for your project. For example, instead of starting from the initial step you took, you could consider the time when the project was first suggested.


Organise your tasks in order of importance.

When you make a list of things to do for the day or week, choose the tasks that are due soon. Choose tasks that will have the greatest influence on your work progress. Start with these tasks first.

If you feel confused or have too many things to do, you can ask how to stay motivated?

Instead of doing many things at once, concentrate on one task at a time. Start with your top priority for the day and then move on to the next one on the list.

If you think about all the tasks you need to do during your workday, it can make you feel stressed and unmotivated. If you concentrate on the most important things and do one task at a time, you will find it easier to stay motivated.


Read positive articles

Read inspiring articles, either online or in print. It will boost your positive energy with tales of achievement and helpful feedback from others. Learn from others about how to stay motivated and discover techniques that can help you achieve success faster.

Good articles will provide you with practical steps that you can follow to develop better habits and achieve your long-term objectives.

Read articles about behavioral science to learn more about how the mind works. How habits can affect our progress. The difficulties people face, and how to conquer them effectively.

Read an inspiring article in the morning or during your lunch break to make your day more fulfilling.

You can find motivation in different ways like reading articles, listening to podcasts, watching videos, or reading quotes. It can help you feel inspired and overcome feelings of despair. You can make it an everyday element of your routine.


Positive affirmations: your key to how to stay motivated

Positive affirmations are helpful sayings that can help you achieve your life goals. These include feeling inspired and efficient at work.

One way to feel more motivated is to say a positive phrase like “I am ready to do my best work today” every morning prior to leaving your home.

Positive quotes work because when we often say something to ourselves, our subconscious mind starts to believe it. If you say to yourself every morning that you feel good, you will start to believe it.


Answer the Question Why

Sometimes you may find finishing a task difficult, that seems boring or not very important. It’s important to think about why we’re doing things and take a moment to look at the overall goal during these times. Sometimes, a task that seems boring or unimportant is actually necessary for a bigger plan in the future.

If you think about how your work is helping achieve the final goal plan, you can motivate yourself to finish what you must complete.

Every task has some sense and importance. We all have a reason for why we do the job that we do. It is useful to remember this reason to stay focused.

For example, if you eat unhealthy food, it can cancel out the progress you make from exercising.

It is hard to stay motivated to eat healthy if you begin by cutting out entire food groups and making lists of foods you can’t have. If you forbid yourself from eating certain foods, you may end up overeating them later on.

To succeed, it’s important to have a balanced diet with healthy food.  To increase your willpower, try eliminating one unhealthy food from your diet each week. Replace it with a healthier option.



It’s important to motivate yourself so you can overcome challenges, make the most of chances, and use your time well to achieve your goals.

If you’re having trouble getting motivated, use the tips and tricks mentioned above on how to stay motivated.